Evelyn Sinclair - ‘Meditation’ at The Brewhouse, Kendal

Evelyn Sinclair - Repose

Evelyn Sinclair - Repose - Credit: Evelyn Sinclair

Evelyn Sinclair is a contemporary figurative artist based in Kendal. Her work is primarily paintings and drawings in ink, acrylic, charcoal and pastel, with occassional 3d installation pieces, (one of which was been exhibited at Kendal Museum).

The focus of her art practice has always been drawing people - a passion she first acquired while doing her degree at Glasgow School of Art and has developed over several years in life-drawing sessions locally.

‘When drawing from life, I move into an entirely other headspace, where all other daily concerns dissolve away. My interaction with the ink becomes instinctive - it’s about achieving a balance between allowing the ink/medium to do random and exciting things, but exerting enough control to create the image and mood I want.

Recently Evelyn’s work has been inspired by the theme of how our pasts, change, chance, fate and beliefs can shape our identities, our well-being and our futures.

‘Meditation’ is a recent group of large ink paintings which explore the concept of letting go of all the pressures and worries of everyday life and attaining a free, calm and more holistic existence.

‘We are all so busy these days, constantly on call, constantly trying to balance all the demands of modern life.² says Evelyn ³But sometimes we just need to make the space to stop doing and just be. We¹re human beings after all, not human doings.’

The Evelyn Sinclair ‘Meditation’ exhibition will run until the end of October 2013 at The Brewhouse, Kendal

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More of Evelyn¹s work can be seen at www.evelynsinclair.co.uk