Explore the county on your bike


cycling - Credit: Archant

Julian Claxton, passionate club cyclist and photographer, explores the county on two wheels

Cycling around Eye

Cycling around Eye - Credit: Archant

With winter firmly behind us, it’s time to open the shed, dust off the bicycle, pump up the tyres and enjoy the wonder of cycling in Suffolk. Our county is certainly a cyclist’s paradise. We might not be blessed with the mountainous scenery of other counties, but what we do have is an abundance of quiet country lanes, picture postcard villages and stunning seaside towns.

Cycling around Eye

Cycling around Eye - Credit: Archant

Before setting off . . .

It’s always wise to make sure your bicycle

is roadworthy, which will only take a few moments and may save you a lot of time and expense later on.

Check your tyre pressure. This may sound basic, but riding on underinflated tyres is not good for you or your bike.

Apply some oil/lube to your chain – it will stop any squeaking and help to create a smoother ride.

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Check your brakes. Lift the front of the bike and spin the front wheel, making sure it spins freely and stops firmly when you press the brake. Do the same for the rear brake.

Make sure the saddle is at the correct height. Sit on the bicycle and make sure when you put one foot down that you can touch the ground, ideally on the tip of the foot, perhaps even tilting the bicycle frame a little. If the seat is too low it can affect muscle efficiency, leading to possible injuries and slow progress.

Most of these adjustments can be made quickly and simply using basic cycling tools, such as allen keys. If you’re unsure about your bicycle pop along to your local bike shop and seek expert advice.