Why’s it worth owning a vintage watch

Vintage pocket watches always look the part

Vintage pocket watches always look the part - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Five reasons why it’s worth your time owning a vintage or pocket watch

The craftmanship make antique watches unique

The craftmanship make antique watches unique - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Without a doubt there are many joys to be found in owning a vintage or pocket watch. They tell a fascinating story of an era long gone and it makes you feel privileged to be able to wear these time capsules on your wrist or in your pocket. Here are five reasons why you should be treating yourself to your very own vintage watch this month...

They are an investment

William Thomas, managing director of the popular online antique store LoveAntiques.com, says: ‘Currently antique and vintage watches are the two most searched terms on our site. As well as being fashion accessories or a collectable, antique watches can also be a great investment.’ The general rule of thumb is that no matter how much you spend on these pieces of history, they will only increase in value over time. Of course, you will need to keep the watch in good shape and running smoothly, but ultimately, you’re guaranteed to make a profit if you come to sell it down the road.

They are unique

With a vintage watch you can guarantee that you won’t look like everyone else with their matching Fitbits. Here is your chance to show your appreciation for quality craftsmanship and heritage with a unique watch like no other. These watches are often handmade, which means someone has spent hours, days, weeks or maybe even months of their life carefully putting together these little beauties.

They work better

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For the practical function of keeping time it is arguably better to have a working antique watch than anything else. It might sound odd, but experts say that if you get your hands on a working military watch then you’ll find they offer impeccable reliability for telling the time. This is because timekeeping was so crucial during the war, so these watches underwent rigorous testing procedures before being approved.

They make a thoughtful gift

You can mark a special occasion like a birthday, wedding or graduation with an antique watch. You may wish to one day pass your watch onto your child when they turn 18 and then their children after that. It’s a lovely thing to be able to give your family an heirloom and the idea that future generations will still own a little part of you is truly heart-warming.

They look the part

There are far more than five reasons why owning an antique watch is great, but the most compelling reason of all is that they never go out of style. Today, current trends are moving away from oversized chunky watches and back towards old classics that offer a sleek and sophisticated appearance. There a distinctive charm that comes with older watches: classic watches make you walk a little taller, hold your head up a little higher and take the world in your stride - and who doesn’t want to feel like that?

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