Earth Hour 2021: How you can get involved

A view of Earth from space as seen by the Apollo 17 crew heading towards the moon.

A view of Earth from space as seen by the Apollo 17 crew heading towards the moon. - Credit: NASA / Unsplash

On Saturday 27th March, all around the world at 8.30pm local time, Earth Hour begins. This global movement puts a spotlight on the ever-present need to address the climate crisis. To participate, just turn out the lights, but why not turn the hour into something much more.

This year Earth Hour feels even more important than ever as we are a year into one of the biggest pandemics in recent memory. Moreover, there is evidence from a report by the IPBES that suggests pandemics like COVID-19 could be linked to the destruction of the natural world.

Here are a few suggestions for fun and meaningful things to do this Earth Hour:

Watch a nature documentary 

Sir David Attenborough is a national treasure and one of Britain's most vocal environmentalists. Over the years, he has created some of the most beautiful and spectacular nature documentaries on television. This Earth Hour, turn off the lights, pop on Attenborough, get some popcorn and make it a cinematic moment.

Put on a shadow puppet show

A Tiger, a Sea Turtle and a Red Squirrel. Examples of endangered species to learn about on Earth Hour

Pick an animal from far away, under the sea or closer to home. Tigers, Sea Turtles and Red Squirrels all need a helping hand to survive climate change and the destruction of their habitats. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto, Matthew Usher

This is for the whole family to get involved in, pick an endangered animal and get researching. It's easy to find out how to do shadow puppetry or if your feeling artsy why not make some props. You can do a one-off performance or maybe make a video and pop it on the internet. Don't forget to use the hashtags #EarthHour #Connect2Earth and #SpeakUpForNature.

Write a letter to your future self

Naturally, when taking part in an event centred on the future of the planet you're going to start thinking about your own future too. Why not write a letter to yourself five, 10 or 15 years from now. Set some intentions that both you and the planet will thank you for, like 'I'm going to meditate more' or 'I'm going to eat less meat'. 

Camp in the garden

Silhouettes of children playing in camping tent at night making shadow puppets with a flashlight

Silhouettes of children playing in camping tent at night making shadow puppets with a flashlight. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Put up a tent in the garden (or make a cosy blanket fort in the living room) and tell spooky stories, play games or watch the stars if the sky is clear. 

Watch an Earth Hour live stream 

Due to coronavirus, Earth Hour this year will be more digital than ever. Events and live streams will be hosted around the world with influencer Q&A's, live performances and contests all on the agenda. Check this page for updates and schedules. 

Read by candlelight

Whether you're curled up on the sofa with the latest bestseller or one of our county magazines there's something absolutely calming about reading by candlelight. You could even turn it into a family affair by taking turns to read a page or two, bonus points for the most dramatic reading voices.

Click to find out more about Earth Hour and what you can do in the fight against Climate Change.

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