Gallery Beyond in Nunnington exhibit Jonathan Pomroy artwork

Jonathans latest exhibition is raising money for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Jonathans latest exhibition is raising money for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - Credit: Archant

Art-lovers flock to see a Ryedale painter’s birds

Jonathan Pomroy sketching birds on the Yorkshire coast

Jonathan Pomroy sketching birds on the Yorkshire coast - Credit: Archant

The joys of spring and its returning birdlife are being celebrated in new work by talented Ryedale artist Jonathan Pomroy. He steeps himself in the countryside in all weathers, spending hour upon hour studying the behaviour of birds and wildlife in their natural habitats. He then captures their individual movements and colours in a series of sketches before transforming them into a large-scale, painstakingly accurate painting.

Jonathan works from numerous sketches and notes to accurately portray his subjects

Jonathan works from numerous sketches and notes to accurately portray his subjects - Credit: Archant

‘When sketching a bird, I first set out to produce some sketches of its proportions and, if appropriate, showing the shape of its reflection in water,’ he explained.

‘I feel I have really achieved something if I can quickly and accurately record this. Then, if the bird hasn’t flown, I might go on to look at more detail, making studies of plumage in water colour and looking hard at the character of the bird.

‘Next I move on to the bird’s immediate surroundings, sketching the water and any nearby vegetation. And lastly I might make some studies of the wider habitat.’

Perhaps not surprisingly, the process takes time and effort. But Jonathan revels in each brush-stroke.

‘I hope that by looking at my paintings, I can convey what it actually felt like to be there,’ he explained. ‘You simply cannot capture that movement and atmosphere if you only work from photographs.

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‘I’m passionate about birds and wildlife, and protecting their habitats, which is why I am also hoping to raise some money for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) to support the work they do in this area.’

His latest exhibition, Arrivals, which concentrates on migrating birds that are newly-arrived back in the county, is currently on show at Gallery Beyond in Nunnington, where visitors are being encouraged to leave a donation for YWT.

‘Jonathan lives and breathes the birds and wildlife that he paints, and the way he expresses that passion through his work is truly exceptional,’ said Kevin Bradshaw, owner of Gallery Beyond, which also houses a permanent collection of Jonathan’s wildlife and landscape paintings.

‘He is one of the best wildlife artists in the country.’

Making an exhibition

Wildlife and landscape paintings by Jonathan Pomroy will be on show throughout the country in the coming months. Here are a few of the places to flock to.

:: A solo exhibition featuring studies of birds and landscapes is being held at The Yorkshire Arboretum on the Castle Howard Estate throughout May.

:: Head to West Barn in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, on July 26th and 27th to catch Jonathan’s large-scale solo exhibition in a beautiful 14th century barn setting.

:: The annual Bird Fair at Rutland Water is the place to see his work in August.

:: Birdscapes Gallery in Cley, Norfolk, is the appropriately-named place for a solo exhibition that starts on August 31st and continues throughout September.

:: It’s back to Yorkshire on October 22nd-25th for Art for Youth North at Queen Mary’s School, Topcliffe.

:: Then it’s a final hurrah at Bridge Street Gallery in Helmsley for a solo Christmas exhibition from November 15th-29th.

Beyond art

Gallery Beyond in Nunnington was founded in 2010 by Kevin and Jan Bradshaw and features an eclectic mix of paintings, ceramics and jewellery.

While running the gallery, Kevin is also an expert in the field of bespoke travel specialising in tennis holidays in Cape Town via his companion business Beyond the Baseline.

Jan also has a second string to her bow – Agnus & Co in Church Street, Helmsley, which sells gifts, treats and homeware, most of which is UK-made.