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Rebecca Lloyd

Rebecca Lloyd - Credit: Archant

When Rebecca Lloyd moved to Norfolk, it rekindled her love affair with the atmospheric coastal landscape and persuaded her to revisit an old hobby.

“I moved here 11 years ago after living and working in London, but as a child I came here on holiday all the time, we would rent a cottage in Thornham. I think it was always in the back of my head that this was where I really wanted to be,” she says. “But it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child that I decided we needed to make some big changes and we moved to Docking.”

After having her children, Rebecca began experimenting with pastels - creating dramatic depictions of the stunning views close to her home.

“I always did well at art as a child and I remember my art teacher questioning why I wasn’t considering art school. Instead I trained as a classical dancer.” An injury saw her dance career cut short so Rebecca went to drama school, and spent many years working in the theatre.

“I travelled the world and had an amazing time, but I always harboured dreams of being an artist. When I had my first child I wanted to find a medium that was quick and easy and didn’t involve washing out brushes, or having wet paint around. I tried pastels and haven’t looked back. It is very immediate and I like the fact you are using your hands.”

Her work is usually on a large scale, which she feels is the only way to really capture the vastness of the Norfolk landscape.

“Working with pastels has some constraints. If you are on the beach working on a large pastel piece and it rains you have had it,” she laughs. “So I tend to go to the beach and sketch what I want and then come back to the studio. I love Thornham and I think Brancaster in the winter, when it is vast and empty. I can bring that in to my head immediately, the image is just so strong.”

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Two years ago she held an exhibition at The Artmonger gallery in Burnham Market, and such was its success it has become an annual event. This year, she decided to submit a piece of work to the Pastel Society for its annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries on The Mall in London – and not only was her work accepted, she was awarded the 2013 Pastel Society Buzzacott Award.

“As well as members of the society, other artists are also allowed to apply to be exhibited but you have to go through quite a long selection process. I was so thrilled when I was selected to exhibit as it is a massive honour and then when I found out I had won the award which is for the best up coming artist, I couldn’t believe it.”

See Rebecca’s work at The Artmonger, North Street, Burnham Market, PE31 8HG;