12 photos that capture the true beauty of the Mersey Gateway

Mersey Gateway by George Standen

Mersey Gateway by George Standen - Credit: Archant

Our readers capture one of Cheshire’s newest major landmarks.

It’s been three years since the landscape on the River Mersey dramatically changed.

The Mersey Gateway officially opened on 14th October 2017 and replaced the Silver Jubilee Bridge as the main crossing between Runcorn and Widnes.

The ambitious project took around three and a half years to complete and our readers have documented the development of the bridge over time. There are images showing the progress of the construction when it began in May 2017, to the stunning firework display that took place on the opening night.

The bridge has three towers, with the highest reaching 125 metres with the length of the bridge totalling 1.5 miles from one end to another.

The innovative design and scale of the creates a striking silhouette to the horizon, its straight, angular features provide a marked contrast to the much smaller Silver Jubilee Bridge with its main arch span of around 330 metres.

The creation of the Mersey Gateway does not mean the end of the Silver Jubilee Bridge, which has spanned the Manchester Ship Canal and the River Mersey since its inauguration in the summer of 1961. It was closed for refurbishment upon the opening of the Mersey Gateway, and has since been open to pedestrians and cyclists since 2019 and will welcome local traffic with a single lane upon completion.

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