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As a provider of exclusive, cutting-edge travel, The Mighty Fine Company specialises in luxury winter adventure holidays, wildlife breaks, voyages to antiquity and unusual destinations.

From the mysterious corners of ancient Greece to the dizzy heights of Harads Treehotel, there is a unique adventure for even the most discerning traveller.


With excellence at the heart of everything they do, the staff at The Mighty Fine Company ensure the holidays they create are nothing less than exceptional. Because the itineraries are tailor made, the needs, desires and interests of each customer are

carefully considered, resulting in the perfect break away. On all of The Mighty Fine Company’s holidays there is a wealth of sights to see, intriguing cultures to experience and wonderful wildlife to discover.

Winter holidays are becoming increasingly popular, with many travellers wanting more than just sun, sea and sand. The Mighty Fine Company has a vast selection of trips to Scandinavia, which give travellers the chance to stay in a traditional wooden cabin topped with glistening snow or embark on outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, husky sledding and reindeer sleigh rides under the Northern Lights.


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For anyone who appreciates the accommodation as much as the destination itself, The Mighty Fine Company has a few gems up its sleeve when it comes to unusual hotels of the world. The Utter Inn Hotel gives guests an underwater adventure in its sub-aqua room, which looks out below the surface of the lake For those who prefer to dig a little deeper, the Mine Suite at Sala Silvermine is the perfect place to escape from the world.