Music festivals in the Cotswolds: 12 essentials you need to pack

The Cotswold festival checklist

The Cotswold festival checklist - Credit: Archant

Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire play host to a plethora of music festivals this summer – we pick 12 key items to pack, so whether you’re at Wilderness, Lakefest or 2000 Trees, you’ll feel prepared for anything

(Getty Images/Michael Blann)

(Getty Images/Michael Blann) - Credit: Getty Images

1. Tent

A decent tent should be top of your packing checklist – romantic ideas of sleeping tent-free under the stars will swiftly diminish in the event of rain/ wind/ any weather other than tropical. Go for something lightweight and ideally with a porch to store shoes and air any damp items of clothing

2. A bum bag

It may not be an accessory you would normally consider, however, the humble bum bag will transform your festival experience! No need to leave your valuable phone or ID in the tent, and no annoying handbag to cling onto with one hand as you dance with a drink in the other. Giraffe Shop make a simple option, complete with paw print design for £16.95

Bum bag from Giraffe Shop

Bum bag from Giraffe Shop - Credit: Archant

3. Torch

Successfully picking your way through an assault course of tents and guy ropes is a challenge at the best of times – in the dark it’s close to impossible. Opt for a small torch that fits in your bum bag or back pocket.

4. Tent freshener

Your tent is potentially your home, haven and hangover recovery zone for the next couple of days – keep it fresh and habitable with this fab product from the Campfire Cooking Company. £9.95

Tent Freshner from the Campfire Cooking Company

Tent Freshner from the Campfire Cooking Company - Credit: Archant

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5. Sunscreen

Remember Baz Luhrmann’s advice: wear sunscreen. Pack it, even if the forecast says rain.

6. Mini toiletries

Apart from the fact that anything in miniature has a strange allure, a travel size selection of luxe face and body products will keep you feeling fresh and take up minimum space in your rucksack. The Festival Be Clean Kit from Conscious Skincare is a fair-trade cotton pouch packed with zingy organic products for £22.99.

The Festival Be Clean Kit from Conscious Skincare

The Festival Be Clean Kit from Conscious Skincare - Credit: Archant

7. Baby wipes

Use them for everything – from make-up removal, sticky fingers and muddy shoes to calming flyaway hair.

8. Something sparkly, floral or feathered

Summer festivals are the perfect place to embrace that flamboyant inner-party animal by donning some carnival-worthy accessories. We love this emerald sequin-encrusted headband from Gatsby Lady, £15.

The Ritz Emerald Headband from Gatsby Lady

The Ritz Emerald Headband from Gatsby Lady - Credit: Archant

9. Sleeping bag

Mummy sleeping bags are particularly cosy and take up minimal space when packed away.

10. Comfy clothes for when you get back to the tent

Be safe in the knowledge that you have snugly socks and comfy jersey trousers to throw on after the evening’s excesses. Blue Marmalade London make a super-soft track pant that is so beautifully comfortable you might end up wearing them all weekend. £49

Super-soft Track Pants from Blue Marmalade London

Super-soft Track Pants from Blue Marmalade London - Credit: Archant

11. Waterproof

A fold-away rain mac that fits into your bag can prove a life saver should the heavens open – opt for one that is light weight and dries quickly.

12. ID

If you’re lucky enough to look under 25, don’t forget your proof of age or you’ll be heading home sooner than expected.



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