Music profile - Jordan Drinkwater

Jordan Drinkwater

Jordan Drinkwater - Credit: Archant

Manchester based singer/songwriter wows the audience at King George’s Hall in Blackburn as he works toward a career in music.

During the final of the highly successful “Last Choir Singing” competition held at the King George’s Hall in Blackburn on June 19th, the judges went off to make their decisions and there was a musical intermission when a young man armed with an acoustic guitar took to the stage to start performing.

Manchester based Jordan Drinkwater has determination and passion not only for music, but for a career in music and this was evident before he had even sung a note. Not only does he have those key attributes, but he also has immense talent. You can have nothing but admiration for a musician to not only take to the stage, but to do so in such a calm and gentle way to, by his own admission, one of the largest audiences he has played to.

Unfazed with his propulsion onto the stage to sing, Jordan conversed with the crowd without a quiver or hint of nervousness to his voice and showcased his talent in not only singing and playing the guitar, but also in song writing. His opening song, “This Old Man and I” shows a maturity beyond his twenty years with very poignant, heartfelt lyrics dealing with the emptiness of dementia which was played against a backdrop of a truly beautiful song. His composed performance continued with a cover song before he portrayed his abilities again with another self-written song, “On My Boat” in which he invited the audience to join in and sing along with him during the final third, which they duly obliged. Backed by the twelve primary school choirs and the audience who sang along to the lyrics instructed by Jordan, it left the theatre drowned in a captivating melody accompanied by a collection of wonderful voices which echoed around the great hall to cap a performance usually associated with a professional. It was truly awe-inspiring.

But, for Jordan, the performance doesn’t end there. As much as he truly enjoyed being out there on the stage and as much as he enjoyed doing it he wants to keep doing it, to keep playing and to make a successful career out of doing so. I have never known someone of his age with so much determination and drive to succeed. He has a genuine talent and has to take so much credit for the hard work that he has put in to get his name out there and to hopefully become discovered. Based on this performance it is a case of not if, but when.

Jordan himself will make sure of that.

If you are interested in listening to Jordan Drinkwater’s music you can like his Facebook page at, follow him on Twitter at @JordDrinkMusic and his EP is available to download on iTunes