North Devon Seed Swap


- Credit: Archant

The 11th North Devon Seed Swap will be held on Sunday 9th February, 10.30am-3pm, at The Small School, Hartland.


- Credit: Archant


- Credit: Archant

The Seed Swap is an annual chance to swap seeds or plants, discover new and local varieties of vegetables and flowers, or exchange ideas with fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Gardeners (and would-be gardeners) who don’t have seeds to swap are just as welcome to come along and collect some free seeds to get started. With a bit of luck, a good season and some starting advice from other seed-saving enthusiasts, next year you can return with some of your own successes to share.

From basics like beans, tomatoes and carrots, to adventurous crops like achocha, mizuna and tomatillos, the North Devon Seed Swap is a fun and friendly event with something for everyone interested in growing what they eat.

Organiser Rob Meredith said: “In recent years our incredible heritage of vegetable varieties has been reducing, especially those local cultivars adapted to our climate and soils, so the long-term aim of this event is to preserve and grow these varieties once more and enjoy their great flavour. And remember you can eat all your mistakes!”

Cakes and refreshments will be provided by the Small School but please feel free to donate a cake!

For further details please contact Rob Meredith on 01409 254450 or visit the website -