Off roading in the Peak District? Or this something else?

Radio controlled cars in the Peak District (c) John Ogden

Radio controlled cars in the Peak District (c) John Ogden - Credit: Archant

There’s more to this than meets the eye in these stunning set of photos of the Peak District.

When you first see these images, you may immediately feel a sense of bewilderment that someone would drive off-road onto some of the Peak District’s most beloved beauty spots.

However, if you look a little closer, you will see that it’s just an optical illusion.

These are actually minature radio controlled cars, measuring at around 6 to 18 inches long, at 1/24 and 1/8 scale of a full size of an off-road vehicle.

The photos were taken by Derbyshire born RC car enthusiast, John Ogden, who ventures out with this cherished fleet of vehicles to explore the Peak District.

John has held an interest in minature scale cars since the age of four and his family spent much of his childhood taking walking trips to the Peak District, so this pastime combines two passions that are close to his heart.

While reaction from fellow walkers is often fascination, it’s not always the same online, as John explains: ‘When out walking many people like to stop, and talk about them, many pictures get taken by people we meet. At one group meeting we organised on the Facebook page we came across a photography group also on a group meet, and an impromptu photography session happened for 30 minutes. Reactions on Facebook varies, from those that enjoy what we do, to people that post negative replies as they think they are real cars, and are destroying the countryside. I find that slightly sad, as they are not looking closely at the pictures’.

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While John has photographed his cars all around the national park, there is one location that has given him the best results: ‘Padley Gorge has very nice scenery, it’s right terrain for our cars, and has just the looks to make the cars look real in pictures’.

But he still is looking for more locations to explore; ‘Monks Dale is one we intend to check out, and also looking at walking from Curbar Edge carpark, to the top of Padley Gorge’.

So keep any eye out on your next walk, you may find an unusual photo shoot taking place.

If you are interested in finding more about radio controlled cars or want to see more photos, join the Peak RC Scalers group.