Peter Brooks Exhibition, 2nd - 3rd March, Smart Gallery, Redbrick, Batley


Smart Gallery hosts its annual exhibition of originals, open edition, limited edition and rare signed collectable Peter Brooks prints

Smart Gallery, Redbrick in Batley will be exhibiting a special collection of Peter Brooks wonderful work over a weekend event on the 2nd & 3rd March. Demand for Peter Brook’s’ pictures had been growing steadily for many years when, in 2007, it was announced that his work would feature in the 2009 Tate Gallery Desk.

Peter had been successful in London for many years, well known as the ‘Pennine Landscape Painter’, but it was Yorkshire where Peter was truly at home. Born in Scholes near Holmfirth in 1927 Peter spent a lot of his childhood surrounded by the farms, and landscapes, which became such an important part of his life. He found pictures all around him.

Peter taught art in his early years, painting in his spare time. He held his first show at Wakefield City Art Gallery in 1960, and it was a resounding success. More exhibitions followed and, in 1969, Peter’s career as an artist really took off when the London art dealers Agnews gave him a one man show, and thereafter an annual contract for many years, allowing Peter to become a full time professional artist. Over the years other London galleries held successful exhibitions, firmly establishing Peter as a collectable artist. Celebrities such as James Mason, Tom Courtenay, Rodney Bewes, Hannah Gordon, and many others collected his work, and exhibitions in America and Australia followed.

A former teacher in Brighouse, Peter was a quiet, unassuming, man. He was incredibly modest, thoughtful, quietly spoken, and forthright. He once said that he always painted subjects that he liked, and he was just lucky that other people liked them too, which was typical of him. He wasn’t one for the limelight and preferred that his paintings spoke for themselves. He loved the fact other people liked his work.

His sheepdogs were always by his side and often featured in his work. This began when Peter decided to include Tess, his third dog, in his paintings (his dogs were his constant companions). Soon Peter featured himself, and after Tess passed away, his new dog Shep would appear. Shep had remarkable ‘chevron’ markings down his back and owners of Peter’s earlier work even took their paintings to Peter to ask him to add Shep, and himself, as this had become a real trademark.

In 1978 Peter was introduced to Hannah Hauxwell and was immediately inspired. There were pictures everywhere, and a series of paintings soon followed. These would feature Hannah shovelling snow, or fetching water for the cows, even making a home-made gate. Perhaps the most breathtaking is ‘Hannah Waving Goodbye’, an amazing image that captures the loneliness of her existence, surrounded by such a breathtaking landscape.

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Smart Gallery will have over 50 limited edition prints including an exclusive limited edition print, edition of only 25 which has been released especially for the event by his estate, some rare approved prints & originals which will all be available to purchase over this special weekend. If you require any further information please call the gallery on 01924 455445 as these pieces will not be displayed on their website.