Photographer profile - Charlotte Graham

Sunday Tatton

Sunday Tatton - Credit: Archant

Each month we showcase the work of a Yorkshire photographer or artist. This month it’s photographer Charlotte Graham.

Charlotte Graham is a Huddersfield-based freelance photographer whose work has graced front pages of national newspapers as well as inside pages with picture spreads, showcasing the wide variety of stories and events she covers. ‘I love what I do, and I love where the job takes me – one day, I can be in a helicopter with the British Army, the next standing by exquisite medieval glass at York Minster, or on a fire-ravaged moor with a mask to help me breathe in cloying smoke. It is a real privilege, and I always try to ensure that my photos capture the moment to do it justice,’ says Charlotte.

She likes to use lighting to add impact to a picture. ‘When I’m setting up a shot, light contrast plays an important part, and I make use of natural and artificial light to make colours and the main focus of a piece really “pop”. Equally, there are times when you just have to make the best of the natural light you have got and making sure that you are in the best position to use the sunlight can involve some creative positioning, whether that means hiring a boat to be in the middle of water-borne action, or taking the chance on a long shot and head away from the action to provide more context.’

Above all, Charlotte wants her pictures to be ‘honest’: ‘What you see in print is what I see through the viewfinder. A few tweaks to contrast and colour balance are the most I’ll do. I don’t add or remove elements with Photoshop; a photograph captures a moment in time, and the camera never lies – I like this visual truth to shine through, every time.’