The team at Trevornick in Cornwall know campers will be feeling miserable about the murky weather. But, as the Swedish say, there is no bad weather only bad clothing. Forget the forecast, grab the wetsuits and just get out there.

Here are their top 10 activities to guarantee fun without the sun:

1. Grab a tarp and build a shelter; whether you are an experienced outdoor expedition leaders like Trevornick’s Wild Ranger, Craig Oates or not, building a den in the woods gives the whole Wild Tribe of young explorers a place to hide out.

2. Find a cave, lay out the blankets and pour some hot chocolate for a fantastic wild story time.

3. Go singing in the rain with your brollies and your best voice.

4. Get that wetsuit on and dive under the waves; you can’t get any wetter than swimming, so just enjoy it.

5. Make some crafty rain catchers with an empty bottle and some help from Pinterest. Hunt for shells and sticks to decorate your creations.

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6. Make some mud pies or go full Glasto with some mud bathing

7. Waterfight! Buckets at the ready, drench each other, you might as well if you’re already wet.

8. Worm hunting is at its best when it’s wet, see how many creatures you can spot lurking in the earth and sand.

9. Create some cool canvasses using mud as your medium or get some paper, squeeze on some food colouring and see the patterns made when you take them out into the rain.

10. Wet sand make the best castles sculpt the pyramids or carve out a mystical creature.

Trevornick is a five star camping oasis enveloped in rugged coastal territory offering pitches for tents, touring caravans and motorhomes and also offers ready-made camping with pre-pitched Eurotents. It is situated on a beautiful, well-manicured site on the north Cornish coast, just a short walk from Holywell Bay beach, a year-round, dog-friendly National Trust beach. On site, there are also three well-stocked fishing ponds, perfect for visitors who want to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

For more information and to book, call Trevornick on 0843 4535531 or see the website for the full activity schedule at: www.trevornick.co.uk