Things to do on a rainy day in Surrey

Don't let the bad weather get you down, there's plenty of fun activities in Surrey to enjoy on a rainy day

Don't let the bad weather get you down, there's plenty of fun activities in Surrey to enjoy on a rainy day - Credit: Erik Witsoe / Unsplash

England is rather notorious for its changeable weather, and Summer, in particular, is a whirlwind of blisteringly hot days and torrential downpours. But have no fear there is still so much fun to be had in Surrey even on the rainiest of days. 

Explore Hampton Court Palace

This historical architectural marvel is well worth a visit at any time, but there is just something extremely romantic about delving into bygone eras on a rainy day. The Tudor palace was built by Cardinal Wolsey, King Henry VIII's closest advisor between 1511-1529 and stands as one of the finest properties built-in during his reign, so much so that it rivalled the King's own abode! Wolsey later gave the palace to Henry to try and win back the monarch's wavering favour but to no avail. So what are you waiting for wander the halls and soak up so much more of Hampton Courts History? Book your visit here.

Laser Quest

For kids and big kids alike, a game or two of LaserQuest is surely going to pass the time on a rainy day. Head over to The Big Apple family entertainment centre in Woking and get playing. There is also a 10-pin bowling alley too.

A trip to the cinema

The perfect rainy day activity has to be watching a movie, and there is no better way to do that than at the cinema. There are so many cinemas to choose from; there are the large multiplexes like Odeon or Vue to smaller independent cinemas like Nova Cinema or The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema.

However, if you'd rather cosy up on the sofa at home, then check out these movies which have been filmed in Surrey.

Explore local history 

There is so much history to explore in Surrey, and we are lucky enough to have many fabulous museums to help us easily explore the rich past of the county. If you're interested in motorsport and aviation, head over to the Brooklands Museum, visit The Spike Heritage Centre if you want to explore a real-life Casual's Ward (a prison of sorts where vagrants lived) of pre-welfare estate England.

Tackle an obstacle course 

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Head to Flip Out Basingstoke to tackle the adventure park with the whole family. The course is full of so many exciting things, from ball pits and tunnels to slides and trampolines.  

Eat Out

Whether you're popping down to your favourite coffee shop for a slice of cake and chat with friends or want to have a full-blown gastronomic experience, eating out on a rainy day is sure to pass the time and up the cosy factor as you watch the rain cascade down from the inside. If you need some inspiration on where to go, explore our Foodies guide to the best places to eat out in Surrey, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Visit a Gallery

Art is utterly subjective, which is why spending a rainy day strolling around The Lightbox in Woking sounds like so much fun. Explore the current exhibitions and discuss the pieces that move you and the ones you really don't understand. Also, take a peek at the Woking's Story Museum, which is a permanent fixture at The Lightbox and explores the towns exciting history.

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