Reasons to make horse riding your New Years’ Resolution

Horse riding has multiple benefits

Horse riding has multiple benefits - Credit: Getty Images

With health, social and psychological benefits, horse riding could be the new year resolution that ticks all the boxes. The British Horse Society gives a guide to getting in the saddle

Whether it’s to eat better, exercise more or simply get better organised. it’s no secret that despite all best intentions most people will have given up on their new year resolutions before the end of January.

A key to continuing beyond a few weeks is to make your resolution something you enjoy and something you are likely to achieve.

If you have often thought about learning to ride a horse but just haven’t got round to it or feel you’ve left it too late, this could be the perfect opportunity to get in the saddle.

Horse riding is a rewarding and exciting activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. By finding your nearest British Horse Society approved riding school, you can start learning straight away. It doesn’t matter if you have no riding experience, our approved instructors will be patient and willing to help you to reach the level you want. And if you have ridden before but haven’t done so in recent years, then the opportunity is there to get back in the saddle for 2016.

Health & wellbeing

Horse riding for just 30 minutes twice a week can make a big difference to health as riding and the activities associated with it, such as mucking out, expend enough energy to be classed as moderate intensity exercise. The benefits extend beyond health too, to social and psychological wellbeing thanks to being part of a community, while caring for and interacting with horses brings immense satisfaction and pleasure.

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You don’t have to ride with the intention of competing. Many riders are very happy hackers (there is something wonderful about riding out in the countryside on a crisp winter morning).

There are many opportunities open to you when you learn to ride – so get in touch with your local BHS-approved centre and see where riding takes you. To find our where your nearest one is, contact the approvals team on 02476 840509 or visit

To discover more about the health benefits of riding, there is a free downloadable document on the BHS website.