Review - The Sound of Music, The Lowry, Salford

Sound of Music at the Lowry Doh Re Mi

Sound of Music at the Lowry Doh Re Mi - Credit: Archant

The iconic family musical, The Sound of Music, opened in the Lyric Theatre at the Lowry in Salford this week – and claimed itself a standing ovation.

Led by The Voice runner-up Lucy O’Byrne in the role of Maria, the musical is a marvellous example of how something we all know so well can be given new and vibrant life when seen in a new setting. The Lyric Theatre offers its players a big stage, and it was put to beautiful use with a series of sets that provided the perfect backdrops to a fabulous performance.

O’Byrne has the ideal voice for the role, girlish yet full and rich, she took the role and completely made it her own. A tricky task when competing with an audience’s memories and nostalgia for the film that hit our TV screen every Christmas for years.

Perhaps more impressive however is the young cast of actors in the roles of the von Trapp children. Each child was spot on in timing and placement, giving it their all while still remaining natural – nothing too ‘stage school’ about this lot!

Ooh, and the nuns were simply marvellous! What incredible voices and fabulous harmonies! Playing their roles with lightness and humour, they were definitely stars in this show.

It’s hard to say which song was my favourite: my childhood preference was for the yodelling goatherd song, followed by the title song itself, which I’d happily sing at the top of my voice as I pelted down the hill to my home on the way back from school each day. Sadly no mountain tops graced my sight, but the 1970’s housing estate definitely receded from view as I used handy Fire Hydrant markers to give me extra height. Last night I sang along (in my head, the audience, never mind the cast, would not have appreciated my harmonising) to every song and today it’s Edelweiss that sticks with me.

I took my 9 year old son with me last night; he enjoyed the performance thoroughly and has never seen the movie version. The rest of the audience was made up mainly of that generation for whom Julie Andrews was a near contemporary and people like me, with an enduring love of a movie that filled my childhood years.

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The show was a real triumph, for the cast and for The Lowry; do try to get yourself there if you can this Christmas. The Sound of Music is a festive tradition worth keeping up, or even starting.

The Sound of Music at The Lowry

Mon 14 December - Sat 2 January