See some of Norfolk Mag’s 2017 Landscape Painter of the Year entries

Jon Watkins 'Sunset Reeds'

Jon Watkins 'Sunset Reeds' - Credit: Archant

See the high quality of entries in our Landscape Painter of the Year competition with this selection of just some of the paintings the judging panel will be considering

Christine Elliott

Christine Elliott - Credit: Archant

We have chosen one work from each artist to show you the different styles and media that the judges will be looking at - and while there are 14 landscapes here for you to enjoy there are around 30 paintings up for the prize. In the coming weeks the panel will make their decision and then we will be able to reveal who is our Landscape Painter of the Year.

Christine van Welsenes

Christine van Welsenes - Credit: Archant

Christine Elliott ‘Grey East Hills Wells’

David Baxter

David Baxter - Credit: Archant

Christine Van Welsenes ‘Norfolk Landscape’

Nial Adams

Nial Adams - Credit: Archant

David Baxter ‘Sledging on St James Hill Norwich’

Shirley Carnt

Shirley Carnt - Credit: Archant

Nial Adams ‘Relinquished Light’

Pam Noyes

Pam Noyes - Credit: Archant

Shirley Carnt ‘Feeding before the storm, Brancaster’

Lesley Munro

Lesley Munro - Credit: Archant

Most Read

Pam Noyes ‘Cows on a Hill’

Lucy Loveheart

Lucy Loveheart - Credit: Archant

Lesley Munro ‘Shotesham Summer Evening’

Stephanie Burkett

Stephanie Burkett - Credit: Archant

Lucy Loveheart ‘Imagine - a North Norfolk Daydream’

Deborah Watts

Deborah Watts - Credit: Archant

Stephanie Burkett ‘A family moment on Lowestoft beach’

Christopher Hollick

Christopher Hollick - Credit: Archant

Deborah Watts ‘Hay Bales’

Kester Hew

Kester Hew - Credit: Archant

Christopher Hollick ‘Poppies, mid Norfolk’

Kate Walker

Kate Walker - Credit: Archant

Kester Hew Crawford ‘Storm Clouds over Sea Palling’

Kate Walker ‘Geldeston Marshes’