Spring at Knightshayes


- Credit: Archant

The magnolias at Knightshayes are certainly ‘open for business’, as the gardens at the National Trust property on the outskirts of the Tiverton put on their annual spring display of flowers


- Credit: Archant


- Credit: Archant

Along with the glorious magnolias, the camellias, rhododendrons and cyclamen are all starting to emerge, after a wet and windy winter which battered the estate.

The Formal and Woodland garden covers nearly 30 acres, and with over 1200 species unique to Knightshayes, offers an extraordinary spring and early summer display. Many of the plants have been wild collected, meaning the garden showcases unusual discoveries from nearly every continent.

Complementing the glorious show of flowers, a temporary art installation by Meg Calver will also be on display in the Pool Garden. Playing on Lady Amory’s careful design composition of our beloved Pool Garden -one tree, three irises, five water lilies - local artist Megan will be introducing some early colour in a most unusual fashion. Lady Amory, the last member of the family to live at Knightshayes, was a keen gardener; always experimenting with the planting and design of her ever-changing garden.