How to produce stunning night photography from your garden

Garden Star Trails in Cranleigh by Martin Bamford

Garden Star Trails in Cranleigh by Martin Bamford - Credit: Archant

Photo opportunities in the countryside may be a little limited while the lockdown is in effect, but you can find inspiration in the heavens.

Pendle Hill Star Trail by Matthew Savage

Pendle Hill Star Trail by Matthew Savage - Credit: Archant

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has meant the demand for air travel has fallen dramatically, leading to a short term drop in carbon emissions and pollution.

It has also meant clearer skies, but even if we have a bright sunny day, the keen photographers among us aren’t really going to be able to capture anything very far from our homes, due to the restrictions on travel.

However, you can get some great photo opportunities from the safety of your own garden, just not in the way you would normally think you would.

You can also take advantage of the clear skies after dark, where your shots will not be disrupted by passing planes, giving you a clear view of twilight.

Little Moreton Hall by Haz Hulme

Little Moreton Hall by Haz Hulme - Credit: Archant

One fascinating technique is the star trails effect that uses a long exposure and a fair amount of post-shoot editing.

It is a lot more time consuming than the usual point and click method, but one thing you will have in abundance during this lockdown is time.

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We recommend that you practice this from the safety of your garden or attic window for now and perfect your technique.

Once this lockdown is over, then the possiblity of camping overnight and taking photos next to a famous local landmark is a distinct possiblity.

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