Stockport Grammar School

Stockport Grammar School

Stockport Grammar School - Credit: Archant

Stockport Grammar School is a co-educational independent day school, which takes pupils from 3-18 years.

Energetic and innovative teachers, excellent pastoral guidance and over two hundred clubs and activities make school life a happy and exciting experience for girls and boys where a wealth of opportunities is made available to them.


A separate Junior School and Nursery on the same site provides younger children with a caring and stimulating environment in which to learn, whilst enjoying the benefits of strong links with the Senior School.


Boys and girls at SGS benefit from state-of-the art teaching facilities, extensive grounds and unrivalled sports facilities. Opportunities to be involved in music, drama, sport and countless other activities are plentiful and pupils leave SGS well-equipped to study at the top universities in a broad range of subjects such as medicine, architecture, classics and law.

SGS is easy to reach with extensive school bus routes, including a new service from Sale, Altrincham and Hale, and close proximity to two railway stations. (Means-tested bursaries are available at 11+ and 16+, and music scholarships at 11+.)

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Parents and children are warmly invited to Open Events and regular school day visits throughout the year.


The school recognises the value of each pupil as an individual, and the importance of nurturing every aspect of their personality as well as their academic potential. With a strong emphasis on pastoral care, teaching staff work in partnership with parents to support every child’s development, giving them the confidence to flourish and thrive in a stimulating environment. High standards of good behaviour are encouraged, where pupils are considerate, polite, respectful and helpful towards each other. They learn to be responsible and reliable, to show loyalty appropriately and to support each other constructively.