Sussex maker of the month, bronze portrait artist Geof Talbot

Maker of the Month

Maker of the Month - Credit: Archant

At school, Geof was fascinated by Greek myths and the Renaissance artists. “Since then, I have been captivated by Renaissance and modern figurative sculpture, such as the work in the Louvre and the Uffizi,” he says. “There is something about the way sculpture just fits into our world without having to be ‘gone to see’.”

Having studied psychology and learnt computer programming at Oxford University, Geof went into the computer business, and then trained as a psychological therapist at Goldsmith’s College, “to indulge my fascination with people”. This then led him to sculpture.

The name of the business, Talbot & Elmer, is a memorial to Jayne Elmer, Geof’s late wife, who died at St. Catherine’s Hospice in April 2011.

“After that I realised I wanted to use my hands, not just my head,” says Geof. He goes on to explain his motivation: “Quite how the idea of combining 3D scanning technology, 3D printing and traditional bronze casting to produce portraits came together I really can’t say. The human face fascinates me, and to make an accurate representation in bronze and turn it from a model to a work of portraiture is compelling.”

All this takes place at Geof’s premises on the Knepp Castle Estate in West Grinstead. “The old wooden buildings provide a wonderful place to work. Ivy grows in through the eaves into the workshop and birds live in the roof space.”

Talbot & Elmer Ltd, Floodgates Mill, Knepp Castle Estate, West Grinstead, Nr Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 8LJ 01403 254180; 07957 260660