The British Ironworks Centre to provide garden pavilions to Buckingham Palace.


SONY DSC - Credit: n ot Archant

First impressions are everything, especially when it come to the magnificent Buckingham Palace, home of our Queen and, of course, host to the eagerly awaited Coronation Festival, due to take place in July.

Obviously only the very best will do, and with that in mind preparations are running at full tilt at the British Ironworks Centre, just over the Cheshire border in Oswestry.

The British Ironworks Centre has been asked to supply four of its finest garden pavilions to Buckingham Palace which will be used to create stunning entrances for visitors to the show.

These nostalgic and extremely beautiful ‘Bandstand Carousel Pavilions’ have all been handmade and are now in the final stages of completion.

Company owner Clive Knowles has expressed huge pride, in having been selected to take part in this prestigious and historic occasion, which will be showcasing the best of British Craftsmanship, alongside some of the country’s best global and multi-national organisations.

He told Cheshire Life: ‘We all feel remarkably honoured to be there and to be surrounded by over 200 of her Majesty’s appointed warrant holder companies, all exhibiting only the finest products made in the UK, it’s amazing.

All the staff involved in this effort are incredibly proud and excited,’ he said.

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The show takes place between July 11th-14th and it has been created to celebrate 60 years of the Queen’s reign, together with 60 years of innovation, excellence and industry in Britain.

Mr Knowles added: ‘We hope that this will manifest itself into receiving lots more enquiries and bring further work to Oswestry, from all over the world, as many of the visitors to this event are said to represent some of the greatest decision makers, industry leaders and officials from embassies and Governments from all over the globe. We hope again to highlight this as an area of inspiration and achievement and continue our programme of increasing quality and sustained employment.’