The Lovers by Lilian Thomas - Lancashire Poetry

A poem called The Lovers by Lilian Thomas.

Twas down a winding country lane, abound with flowers of every name.

Two lovers found a paradise.

Baby rabbits scurried by, then a peewit caught their eye.

Heard the cuckoo, saw him fly amidst the treetops way up high.

Down the river they did go and now the butterwort they know.

Red campions dancing in the breeze and high above them rule the trees.

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They wandered on hand in hand and found a haven of gods own land.

Bluebells dancing to and fro, a sight two lovers will always know.

The lovers loved and all was still as they lay on that blue carpeted hill.

And they shall go on loving life, the birds, the buds, the blossoming.

And if tomorrow should be grey, they will have had their lovely day.


Lilian Thomas.

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