The Nefyn and District Golf Club course is one of the prettiest in the world

Nefyn Golf Club committee members, Duncan Smith and John Dunwoodie surveying the changes to the worl

Nefyn Golf Club committee members, Duncan Smith and John Dunwoodie surveying the changes to the world famous headland/ penninsula - Credit: Archant

This stunning part of the course on the Llyn Peninsula is open again after storms ravaged it. Emma Mayoh reports

Nefyn Golf Club

Nefyn Golf Club - Credit: Archant

The coastline along the Llyn Peninsula has some of the most spectacular views and scenery you could ever wish to catch sight of. Visitors to this area will undoubtedly have experienced the wonderful, sandy stretch of beach at Porthdinllaen. But you can guarantee the best views and most stunning vistas come from the promontory of land just above at Nefyn and District Golf Club. It is a spot that tourists head to in their droves and the course is one that many golfers long to play.

‘It is definitely a place that a lot of golfers have on their bucket list,’ explained Simon Dennis, secretary manager of Nefyn and District Golf Club. ‘But it is easy to see why.

It is beautiful. I have travelled all over the world. But there is nothing that beats the views here.’

But The Point, a world famous and beautiful part of the golf course, was severely damaged by devastating storms that hammered at the coast back in December 2013. There were 100mph winds and high tides and the extreme weather meant the course was water-logged and made the holes unstable. The damage was so bad that this part of the course had to be closed for the 2014 season.

Simon said: ‘It was devastating. To see what had actually happened was really hard for everyone involved. It is such an important part of the club’s history.

‘But everyone made sure they did everything they could to help.’

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Nine holes were created on The Point when the club was first formed in 1907. The course was originally designed by famous Scottish architect James Braid. Over time a further 18 holes were added. But it is those original parts of the course that have made it renowned among both amateur and professional golfers.

Determined to bounce back from the weather damage teams at the golf club, along with help from consultants, set to repair and re-instate this part of the course. Measures were put in place to drain the water and new turf and land was brought in. There was a delicate and important watering programme to make sure the turf didn’t shrink. The design of the course was also changed to take play away from the footpath used by tourists and visitors. It was reopened earlier this year.

Simon, 52, said: ‘The Point is Nefyn and District Golf Club. It is integral to us and it is what people know us for. We wanted to make sure it was reinstated properly and there were months of painstaking work.

‘But it was worth it. Golfers who play here come here for the experience as well as for a round. The re-designed course has been described as breathtaking, taking full advantage of the local terrain and topography. The nine holes on offer hug the coastline and look as if they have been in play since the club’s formation.

‘We are very proud to have The Point back open again. We are now trying to get the word out there that we are back open for business. People are saying they cannot wait to get back here. We have a world famous course here. It is a very exciting time for us and we’re looking forward to a successful summer.’