Theatre Review - Stepping Out, St Paul’s Players – Adlington Community Centre

Stepping Out

Stepping Out - Credit: Archant

The smash hit West End comedy comes to Lancashire performed by St Paul’s Players in Adlington – Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Stepping Out tells the story of a group of women (and one man) and the passion they share…tap dancing. Led by Mavis, a former dancer, the group strive to put together a dance routine to perform at a charity event, but each character has their own underlying reason to be there.

The key point of the story is progression. It’s not just the progression of the group as dancers, but also the characters and how they develop their relationships together as a group when the reality of their backgrounds play to the forefront and it is a necessity that Director Jane Harrison plays to her strengths and ensures the pace and flow of the piece is apparent throughout the tale.

The blend of characters is imperative of the story with the main theme of the play centralising on the relationships of the group as opposed to the dancing. Jane Catterall portrayed a wonderful version of Mavis with leadership qualities and wonderful dancing to accompany her performance. Kathy Turton bursts onto the stage as the rumbustious Vera, a loud, attention-seeking newcomer to the group with truly magnificent comedy value. Becca Hilton plays the role of Dorothy, a timid, shy character with a do good attitude reflected well in her performance. There were strong performances from Jacqui Brian as Maxine, Debi Winnard as Sylvia, Helena Carter as Lynne, Judith Armstrong as Rose and Vicki Wilson as Andy who all skilfully diverted their individualities away from each other to perfect their own character in their own depiction. Judith Holt plays the disapproving Mrs Fraser delivering lines brilliantly on a monotone level which added an air of aspect to her character. Graham Cohen had the difficult task of playing the only male role as the shy and retiring Geoffrey and really excelled in the role with a truly hilarious portrayal and excellent visual comedy.

Stepping Out is the perfect blend of comedy, music, dancing and drama and it was evident in the performance by the St Paul’s Players that they have all worked hard to pull off a show that had everything. Guided by Choreographer Georgia Cohen, the real star of the showing was the dancing, but more the transformation of the dancing showcasing how the group rise through their persistence and determination reflected in both the story and the acting.

Stepping Out is playing at Adlington Community Centre up to and including September 6th and 7:30pm. For more information visit the St Pauls Players website at the following address –