Thirlmere by James Grundy - Lancashire Poetry

I recently discovered an interesting passage about a very wealthy Victorian lady in an old Lake District guide book. Based upon that information, the following conundrum poem may be of interest to Lancashire Life Readers

The Flood, 1892

Far below Raven Crag

Where braided streams tumble

Between moss-cushioned stones

And ancient fell walls buckle and sag

Birds still sing

Most Read

In Countess Ossalinsky’s garden.


No human sound

Pervades phantom lawns and secret paths,

Where hats and parasols paraded

Whilst croquet mallets clipped the ground

Forsaken and abandoned now

In Countess Ossalinsky’s garden.


Forever lost her jewel box,

That hidden summertime retreat

Cluttered with treasures from half the wold

Behind oaken doors with polished locks

The mansion has long vanished

From Countess Ossalinsky’s garden.


Yet, watching over waters deep,

Jostled now by larch and spruce,

Some few survivors hold their ground.

Tall Chile Pines their vigil keep,

Witnesses to all that passed

In Countess Ossalinsky’s garden.

Where did her garden grow? It was at Thirlmere in the Lake District. In 1892 it was mostly inundated when the valley was flooded for public drinking water.

James Grundy

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