Photographer profile - Tony Bartholomew

A performance of Polar Quest, by Waterford-based street theatre company Spraoi as part of Coastival

A performance of Polar Quest, by Waterford-based street theatre company Spraoi as part of Coastival, Scarborough - Credit: Archant

Each month we showcase the work of a Yorkshire artist or photographer. This month we feature long-time photographer at the Yorkshire coast, Tony Bartholomew

Tony Bartholomew loves living by the sea. ‘You can see why artists are drawn to the coast. The light, especially in the winter months, is inspiring,’ says Tony. ‘Some of the best images are achieved in the worst of conditions; there’s something about being in the teeth of a gale on the South Bay beach Scarborough with the waves pounding in. There is another side; finding solitude and stillness in some of the woodland and countryside within easy reach of the coast.

‘These days there are so many ways to promote your work. Social media channels mean we can showcase images not produced to a client’s brief, or under the pressure of a deadline, allowing us time to be more creative and thoughtful.

‘The pictures I’ve chosen are four recent favourites; all taken in the last couple of years, rather than a ‘greatest hits’ compilation.’

Tony began his career at The Scarborough Evening News in the 1980s when it was still a two-edition daily newspaper. He then worked for Scarborough freelancer, the late Dennis Dobson, an experience Tony describes as a steep and useful learning curve.He went on to work for Northern Echo for seven years, covering the North East and Yorkshire Dales.

Tony returned to Scarborough as a freelance photographer in the mid-1990s, since when he has provided editorial and PR photography for regional, national and international publications.

Editorial photography is Tony’s background which means he can turn his hand to most subjects, and these days he works more often producing features for arts, heritage and cultural organisations. u

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