5 of the best pub walks in Hampshire

A forest in Hampshire

Hampshire has many locations that have beautiful pub walks - Credit: Scott Evans/Unsplash

Hampshire has recently been voted the 4th best place in the country for pub walks by the AA, and with a variety of scenery and locations, it’s easy to see why. Discover for yourself how lovely they are by taking on these interesting and challenging routes…

Emery Down 
The New Forest Inn and The White Rabbit
Length: 5.9 miles
For those who enjoy a variety of different scenic options to keep them entertained on their walk, this walk is sure to satisfy. Rivers, old houses, and tall trees all adorn the trail. The area is relatively untouched as well, so plenty of wildlife on offer, such as ponies, deer, and even pigs, as well as birdsong which carries throughout. The pubs are spaced out, so be sure to bring nibbles and drinks for sustenance. The route isn’t well signed, so print out a map or use your phone for directions.

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Butter Wood and Basingstoke Canal 
Mill House
Length: 3.2 miles
This walk starts from the Mill House and takes you back there, so you can have a warm-up drink and then a reward drink and even meal for after you’ve finished. Wear sensible footwear for this route as you follow a mixture of woodland and stone paths. Open fields, the quaint canal and even the ruins of Odiham Castle make for fascinating and beautiful scenery along the way. There are also grazing cattle on the heath, so if walking dogs, make sure to keep them on a lead at this point. 

Harewood Forest
The Abbots Mitre 
Length: 6.6 miles
An enchanting walk for when nothing but the winding wonders of the woods will do. It has a range of flowers and wildlife along the way and is a great location for those who enjoy birdwatching. See if you can spot a kingfisher on the River Test, which is part of the Test Walk which makes up part of the route. It’s a well-paved route and has reasonable inclines which make for comfortable walking, apart from the odd muddy stretch. The Abbots Mitre is also a lovely pub to relax at after such a long walk. 

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Whitewater Valley 
The Leather Bottle
Length: 2.9 miles
This is full of comfort and charm, starting and ending at the traditional Leather Bottle, and guiding you along a trail of exciting gems. The avenue of lime trees, the riverbanks and the timber framed church all make for fascinating checkpoint – the church particularly has unique features that are worth taking a respite stop to behold. If you aren’t quite so agile, be careful as the stiles along this path can be difficult to get across. For those walking dogs, the fences are easy for pooches to get through though.

Cliddesden and Ellisfield 
Pub: The Fox
Length: 6.3 miles
Trapeze through the wonderful Hampshire countryside which lines this walk through the historic villages of Cliddesden and Ellisfield. Although the walk is circular, it does not start with a pub – instead, it starts from Cliddesden. The Fox in Ellisfield located halfway through the walk, perfect for a motivational pint before making your way back to the other village. Interesting scenery to look at along the way include the old Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway tracks and a host of wildflowers.