6 great lakes walks in Cheshire

Rossmere in Cheshire

Rossmere - Credit: Paul Taylor

A selection of walks from our archive around the famous lakes and meres in Cheshire.

Pickmere in Cheshire

Pickmere - Credit: Paul Taylor

Pickmere Lake
The walk begins at one of the county’s great historic pubs, The Smoker. We go past the radio telescope and on to Pickmere and it's pretty lake.
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Black Lake in Cheshire

Black Lake - Credit: Paul Taylor

Rossmere and Black Lake
This walk finishes at Black Lake, but first we head out in a loop which takes us towards Morley Green, back through Newgate Nature Reserve - returned to nature having been a landfill site until 2000 - and around Rossmere, a popular spot with anglers.
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Tatton Hall and Melchett Mere

Tatton Hall seen from across Melchett Mere - Credit: Paul Taylor

Tatton Mere and Melchett Mere
In this walk from the centre of Knutsford and onto the Tatton estate, you will pass beside Tatton Mere, a genuine lake, and then Melchett Mere, the result of brine pumping in the 1920s.
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Blakmere in Delamere Forest, Cheshire

Blakmere in Delamere Forest - Credit: Paul Taylor

Blakemere Moss
You could do a simple circular trek around Blakemere Moss, or you could first This walk take the Old Pale Trail that takes you to the heights of Old Pale Hill. You head back home via the Sandstone Trail and Delamere Loop and pass by Blakemere Moss.
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Lapwing Lake near Moore Nature Reserve, Warrington

Lapwing Lake near Moore Nature Reserve - Credit: Paul Taylor

Lapwing Lake
This walk around Moore Nature Reserve is very much a waterside one. You pass by famous canals, several pools and finally Lapwing Lake. Expect to see a number of feathered friends along the way.
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The pond at Lyme Park

The pond at Lyme Park - Credit: Sean Nolan

Lyme Park
Step out with pride around glorious Lyme Park on a search for the pond made famous by Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in his dripping white shirt. You will pass by some of the famous features of the Lyme Park estates and you will see some of the famous iconic buildings in the North West when you reach the high points.
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All the routes were correct at the time of publication, over time access to certain parts of the walk may be subject to change. We advise you acquire a recent OS map of the area you plan to visit and confirm there are no major changes.