All you need to know about visiting Lumsdale Falls in the Peak District


Lumsdale - Credit: Andy Gigg

Despite its recently gained popularity, Lumsdale Falls remains one of the hidden gems of the Peak District. It still only remains open duringt he weekdays, so it's a great little venture to help you avoid the crowds.

Parking in the layby by Highfields School (DE4 5NA), continue down the road and veer left into a narrow lane leading to the Mill Cottages overlooking the surviving millpond above the dale.  

Take the path that curves round the pond and peer down into the ravine with the top waterfall plunging to the rocks far below. 

Drop through the narrow dale, pausing at the next waterfall. Take time to read the information posts and feel the hand of history in this narrow dale where at least seven mills were once squeezed.  

At the bottom, (note the mill site is currently only open from 9am to 8pm) turn left to follow Lumsdale lane downhill.  

The permissive path that runs through the mill ruins at the middle of the valley will be open from Monday at 9am to Friday at 8pm from 1st April 2022.  It will be closed at weekends and bank holidays, to give some protection to the unique mill ruins.

Pass Bentley Brook Brewing Co. on the left, where you can enjoy a beer, coffee and snacks on the terrace when open, and look for the gate on the left further down the hill at the curve in the road. Go through and follow the meadow and woodland path that runs alongside Bentley Brook. 

Emerging at The Knoll, follow the Tansley road uphill. You can diverge right to The Gate for a pint, otherwise turn left onto Oaksedge Lane, continuing uphill.  

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Where the road becomes rough, lookout on your right for a path on the other side of the dry-stone wall leading into the woodlands of the disused Lumsdale Quarry.  

The narrow paths rise and fall and curve round the disused quarries. It’s an otherworldly place of pines and ferns.  

Drop down off the wooded hillside onto open land and veer right to return to Highfields school, crossing the little footbridge beside the layby. 

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Parking on the layby does remain to be the only viable option that is close to the entrance of the site, and there is a risk that you may not find a spot with the limited amount of spaces, especially during the summer holidays.

If you arrive and find that there is nowhere to park, it's not a wasted journey. Drive a mile and a half south down Chesterfield Road to the centre of Matlock, where you can find parking and retrace your steps (30 minutes walk) to the beginning of this route.

Or alternatively, head to Crown Square (DE4 3AT) and take this 7 mile walk around Matlock, Tansley and Riber

Bentley Brook Brewery, located half a mile down the road from the school, have created three circular walks for you to try which begin and end at their little Tap Room.

There's a short walk that takes in the best of the Lumsdale Valley.

A six mile yomp that takes you over fields and past the magnificent Riber Castle.

Then for those who fancy something a little more challenging we've created a 10 miler that takes in some of the best bits that Matlock and the surrounding area has to offer

The following photos were uploaded to our Derbyshire and Peak District Walks facebook group by our members to see more, visit the group and search for Lumsdale.

NB. Some of the images were taken before the restrictions were put in place and may be located in the areas beyond the recently installed fencing.


Lumsdale - Credit: Andy Gigg


Lumsdale - Credit: David Dawson


Lumsdale - Credit: Katrina Atkins


Lumsdale - Credit: Lisa Saunders


Lumsdale - Credit: Lorraine Baker


Lumsdale - Credit: Louisa Jane Matthews


Lumsdale - Credit: Marc Green


Lumsdale - Credit: Mark Cassidy


Lumsdale - Credit: Phil Watson


Lumsdale - Credit: Robert Goodridge


Lumsdale - Credit: Sandra Hart


Lumsdale - Credit: Tamla Jayne