Take part in the Alzheimer's Society's Memory Walk in Maidstone

Leicester 2018 Alzheimer’s memory walk

Alzheimer’s Memory Walk - do it with friends, on your own or with a beloved pet - whichever way you choose to take part you'll be supporting an important cause - Credit: Jason Senior

Are you within stomping ground of Maidstone? If so, it's not too late to don your walking gear, lace up your boots, and unite against dementia by signing up to Alzheimer’s Society’s Memory Walk this weekend. Hundreds of Alzheimer’s Society supporters will put their best foot forward at the County Town's Mote Park on Sunday, September 12, alongside family, friends and colleagues, to raise money for the charity.

Over a year since the pandemic began, people with dementia, like so many of the vulnerable, continue to bear the brunt of coronavirus and demand for Alzheimer’s Society’s services is still increasing. Memory Walk will bring together people who have been personally affected by dementia, those who want to walk to remember a loved one, and people looking for a fun-filled activity to raise money for charity. Memory Walk is taking place at 20 locations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including the Mote Park event here in Kent. 

Supporters can also opt to walk on their own, or with loved ones, on the paths, pavements, parks or pebbles in a location of their choosing throughout September, so if you can't join the Mote Park crowd but want to contribute, there's time still to do so, at your own pace and in your own way. And wherever you walk, if you've got a pet, you can bring him or her along too. Indeed the Alzheimer's Society is encouraging pet lovers to walk with their animals, as new data from the charity has revealed that 46% of pet owners in the South East would prefer to take a walk with their four-legged friends over their partner. In a survey of 188 respondents, 13% did not have a walkable pet -  and they said they would still rather choose to walk with their pet over their partner! 

By marching out in support of Alzheimer’s Society, walkers will raise crucial funds to help the charity reach more people through its vital services, like the Dementia Connect support line, which have been used more than five million times since March 2020.

Sign up for free at alzheimers.org.uk/memorywalk and let's get walking!