A video tour exploring the history of St Peter and St Plegmund in Plemstall

St Peter's at Plemstall, Cheshire

St Peter's at Plemstall: the bells are silent but history rings out loud and clear - Credit: James Balme

The church of Plemstall stands in an extremely isolated location surrounded by meadows that were once marshes and lying to either side of the river Gowy.

The church stands on what was once an island known locally as the 'Isle of Chester'. The only road that leads to St Peter's comes from the west and is no more than a small country lane. This site was once a place of Christian worship as far back as the days of King Alfred and it was also here that St Plegmund lived in a cell on the Isle of Chester as a hermit before being chosen by King Alfred to attend court to assist Alfred in his work.

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In the year 890 St Plegmund was to become Archbishop of Canterbury. St Peter's church stands today on the Island with it's origins dating back to at least the 12th century. The church was completely rebuilt during the 15th century.

The tomb at St Peter's, Plemstall, Cheshire

The tomb at St Peter's, Plemstall, churchyard, dated 1670 AD and owned by the Hurleston family - Credit: James Balme

Join writer and presenter James Balme as he takes a history walk around the 'Isle of Chester' to take a look at the church that stands today on the site of the 9th century hermitage. As well as examining the churchyard James also takes us inside this ancient church to see the wonderful architecture and treasures that remain to this day. James also visits the bell tower to take a look at the ancient bronze bells that remain today dating back from as early as 1635.

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