Route for a Surrey walk around Ewhurst

Ewhurst (Photo by Chris Howard)

Ewhurst (Photo by Chris Howard) - Credit: Chris Howard

Enjoy this moderately easy two hour 4.5 mile (7 km) walk in the picturesque Surrey Hills’ village of Ewhurst


• Start: The Green, Ewhurst, opposite The Bulls Head Pub.

• Parking: There is limited parking around the green.

• Nearest railway stations: Guildford and then bus to Ewhurst.

• Grid ref: TQ090407 Postcode for Sat Nav: GU6 7PB

• Length of walk: 4.5 mile (7km) / 2 hours

• Food and drink: The Bulls Head Pub Ewhurst or travel to nearby Cranleigh for a wide choice of cafes and pubs.

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• While you are there: Visit the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden or Cranleigh Arts Centre.

• Free guided walks: Check the Surrey Hills Society website for its free walks on the first Sunday of the month:


1 Facing the village green, with the Bulls Head behind you, turn left along the pavement towards the church of St Peter and St Paul. Cross over Downhurst Road, and turn left at the next road, The Glebe. Fork right into the entrance drive for The Old Rectory. As you reach the crossing, go left then right to join the enclosed footpath marked with a yellow arrow. A garden fence runs along on the left. You emerge from this path via a barrier into Rectory Close. Turn right heading uphill, towards the house at the end of this close called The Hollies. It does look like it is a dead end until you see the narrow path to the left side, between two trees at the start of the house driveway. Fork left to join a tarmac path, with a hedgerow on your left and The Hollies house on your right. Pass alongside a gate to a junction with a driveway, turn left and you will reach Mapledrakes Road.

2 Cross over and go straight ahead on the public footpath. At the T-junction with another footpath, turn left and follow the tree-lined path. Keep going on the main path through the woodland, ignoring a path off to the left. As the path forks, there is a footbridge visible on the left-hand path. Do not go over the bridge. Take the right-hand path which continues through the woodland with a large stream, called Cobbler’s Brook, on your left. Cross the footbridge and the stile at the far side and keep going on the same footpath. There is a woodland on your right and an open grass meadow on your left. Continue ahead to cross the remainder of the meadow, heading for the bottom corner. Cross the two stiles to reach the corner of the next paddock. Follow the ?eld boundary on your right as it bears right. At the far end, cross the next stile and continue to Plough Lane.

3 Turn right on Plough Lane. Just before you reach a T-junction you reach a property on your left called The Fields Cottage. Turn right here onto the unmarked path, staying close to the hedge on your right. At the tarmac access drive to Upper House, turn left along the drive, leading you out into Ewhurst Green. Go straight ahead on the tarmac drive for Old House between laurel hedges. When the drive swings left, stay on the drive to reach a cattle grid. Do not turn right through the hedge onto the signed footpath.

4 At the cattle grid turn right immediately before the grid, passing beside a metal gate. Follow the path with a woodland on your right and a fenced pasture on your left. Ignore all paths to the sides, instead keep ahead on the same path. The path leads you to Slythehurst. Do not go through the wooden gate ahead as this is private. Turn right here through the small wooden gate marked with a yellow arrow. Follow this path, with a paddock on your right and a hedgerow on your left. You emerge via another gate to a junction of driveways. Keep going ahead following the side drive, with a hedge running on your left. Just before the drive bends left, turn right through a wooden gate marked with yellow arrow. Follow the path through a paddock to a footbridge with two stiles. Keep going on the path between the fenced paddocks. Cross another stile until you reach a farm track. Keep going on the path through the woodland and this eventually leads you through Lower Canfold Wood. Take the right-hand path at the fork and continue until you reach a T-junction with a tarmac access drive. Turn right and follow the drive up to the junction with Bookhurst Road.

5 Turn left and just before you reach the mini roundabout, cross over the road to join the shared cycle and pedestrian walkway. Pass between the wooden bollards, pass a metal barrier on your right and, immediately afterwards, turn right onto the signed public bridleway. After about half a mile you will reach a crossroads of paths. Turn right here onto the public footpath marked with a yellow arrow. Follow the path uphill until you reach a junction with the entrance drive for Lemans Farm.

6 Cross the next stile to enter the corner of a meadow. Keep going straight ahead. At the far side, cross the stile to reach a junction with another farm drive. Keep going straight ahead and cross the next stile to enter another paddock. Exit via a stile at the far side. Continue on the path and cross a stile to enter another larger field. Cross the field passing just to the left of some trees. Bear right to reach a stile on the far side. Cross into woodland and follow the path downhill to a wooden footbridge, over a stream at Coneyhurst Gill.

7 Cross the footbridge and continue on the woodland path, which leads you to a T-junction, with a Sayers Croft Nature Reserve information board ahead. Turn left at this junction. The footpath leads uphill through the wood. At the T-junction, turn right and follow the lane leading out of the reserve, passing a number of properties on your right. Continue to the end of the lane and emerge onto the green where the walk started.


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