Route for a Surrey walk around Polesden Lacey


- Credit: Archant

Enjoy this moderately easy two-hour, 5.2-mile walk around the hilly countryside surrounding Polesden Lacey, with stunning views over the National Trust estate


- Start: Polesden Lacey Main Car Park

- Parking: Main Car park is Pay and Display. £5 (free to members by scanning membership card at a machine and displaying ticket in your car). Alternatively, parking available in Bookham and then walk up to the National Trust site.

- Nearest railway stations: Bookham, with 3.4 mile walk to start. Bus routes: Bus: 408, 478, 479.

- Grid ref: OS Explorer sheet 146 136524

- Postcode for Sat Nav: KT23 4PZ

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- Length of walk: 5.2 mile (8.4 km), 2.5 hours

- Food and drink: Polesden Lacey coffee shop and Granary Café. Most weekends a mobile refreshment van is at the Denbies Hillside car park on Ranmore Common.

- While you are there: Explore Polesden Lacey House & Gardens or the local vineyard at Denbies.

The walk

1 Leave Polesden Lacey car park through pedestrian gate (Gate 43) at the far right corner of the car park (if facing the entrance to the courtyard). Turn left and then immediately right around the edge of the field, where you will have views over to Heathrow to the right. At the end of the field look back for views over to central London and the Shard building.

2 Go through Gate 42 and keep straight ahead across the track to walk with the field to your left and views across to Ranmore Common. Ignore gate 22 on the left and keep straight ahead. Soon there is a turn to the left through a gap in the fence just inside the wood.

3 Keep straight ahead at Gate 24 and through Gate 25 and straight ahead at cross path. Wind down the hill in the woodland. At the cross path turn right downhill with field to your right.

4 At the T-junction, turn right then go left through Gate 26 and climb up Worzel Bank. Just before exiting through Gate 27, look back at the view.

5 Go straight ahead over a track and through Gate 28 with a view of Polesden Lacey House to left.

6 Go through Gate 29 on the right by Yew Tree Farm. Follow the main track uphill. Take a detour left to look at Yew Tree Orchard through Gate 30, on the left and then return to the track and continue uphill. You will pass through ancient woodland on the left.

7 Pass a viewpoint towards Polesden with a bench on the left then pass a metal barrier across the track. At the next cross path, take the footpath (yellow arrow) to the right and at Lonesome Cottage take track to left.

8 Just before re-joining the main track, turn right onto a marked bridleway. Follow this all the way to Ranmore Common Road and go straight across. Ahead is the sign for the Dorking Scout Campsite. Go down this track, ignoring side turnings, until reaching the North Downs Way, which crosses at right angles.

9 Turn left along here and continue until reaching the view point and picnic area. Go through the pedestrian gate into the Denbies Hillside car park and leave by the right hand entrance and cross Ranmore Road.

10 Take the track ahead, which bends sharply to the right through the trees. After going behind a house, the Old Post Office, in about 50 metres, take the path to the left through the barrier and continue straight ahead downhill, ignoring all side paths. The path widens slightly before meeting another track coming down from the left. This is Long Bottom Track.

11 After a short while, notice the ancient boundary ditch, which crosses the path at right angles. At the ditch, bear right and at the bottom bear right and then go straight ahead through Gate 15. Cross the field to the left of the oak tree in the centre, pass through Gate 14 and bear left on track.

12 Turn left on track just before the first barn at Bagden Farm, and pass through Gate 13. Turn right. Head through the gate (unnumbered) to the left of the barn on the left of the farm and go straight up the field. Go through Gate 12 and turn left on the track. This is Bagden Drive, which was the main drive to Polesden Lacey House at one time. Follow the track uphill.

13 Take the signposted path turning uphill to the right, shortly before the ornate Italianate Bridge and then fork right past the bench on gravel path. (Butterfly walk on marker post). Follow the path as it bears left. Pass through Gates 8, 7 and 6 and take the right of the two paths straight ahead across the field. (Not straight across into the chargeable grounds of Polesden Lacey via gate 5.) Pass through Gates 4 and 3. Head diagonally right for the corner of the wood ahead and right. Bear left around the corner of the wood following the finger post and continue back to car park. u


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