Where are the best walks in Hampshire?

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With the New Forest, South Downs and a picturesque coastline, Hampshire is a fantastic place for a walk. Here we round up a few of our favourites.

Pub walks

Pub walks are an absolute winning combination, you walk for peace of mind and a little exercise but the reward is an ice-cold pint at a cosy pub. 

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Romantic walks

Wherwell is filled with the most exquisite thatched cottages

Wherwell is filled with the most exquisite thatched cottages - Credit: Herry Lawford / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Nothing is perhaps quite as romantic as a walk in a stunning location where you and your loved one can reminisce on fond memories throughout the years or for those in a get to know each other a little better so a blossoming romance can come into full bloom.

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Summer Walks

Summer is perhaps the best season for a leisurely walk, especially if you have a ice cream in hand or a perfect picnic packed as you can turn it into a whole day out with the family basking in the glorious sunshine.

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Dog walks

For many, the main reason for taking a stroll every day is due to owning a dog, and after a while, it can get a little repetitive. But have no fear as we have a selection of 10 dog walking routes for you to explore. From Old Winchester Hill to Hurst Spit and so many places in between you will be sure to find a new fave dog walk.

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New Forest walks for Autumn

Two horses in woodland during sunrise in New Forest, Hampshire, England

Two horses in woodland during sunrise in New Forest, Hampshire, England - Credit: Kloeg008 / Getty Images / iStockphoto

The New Forest is a jewel in the Hampshire countryside and is arguably one of the most beautiful places for a walk in the South East of England. This becomes even more apparent when autumn arrives, and the trees start to turn various shades of gold, red and orange.

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Accessible walks 

Hampshire is home to so many beautiful walks with easy access routes for people of all different mobility levels. From nature spotting at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve to a gentle stroll at Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

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Winter walks

Sometimes the last thing you want to do in the midst of winter is to step outside but it is universally acknowledged that exercise and time spent outside in nature is extremely important for mental wellbeing, so perhaps it's even more important to get up and outside during the winter!

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