A video tour exploring the history of the church of St Chad’s in Wybunbury

St Chad's Church, Wybunbury

St Chad's Church, Wybunbury - Credit: Archant

James Balme visits the ‘Leaning Tower of Cheshire’

In the Cheshire village of Wybunbury stands a 15th century tower.

The tower is known locally as the ‘Leaning Tower of Cheshire’ and for good reason for since at least the 1400’s churches built on this site have continually slowly but surely sunk forcing five former churches to be demolished.....

Indeed even after the demolition of four churches the Victorians believed that building yet another church in 1892 was a sound idea ?? Well unfortunately despite Victorian engineering the fifth church became the last victim in this sorry tale of ground that is constantly moving..... Join James as he explores what remains today.

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