Sussex women mean business! Here, we turn the spotlight on some of our county’s most successful and discover what makes them tick...

So we put to them the follow four questions:

1 - What is it that makes you good at your job?

2 - What’s your top tip for success in business?

3 - Away from work, how do you like to relax?

4 - What’s your favourite thing about living/working in Sussex?


Zoe Lagadec - Principal Solicitor, Mulberry’s Employment Law Solicitors, Brighton

Contact: 01273 573850;

Mulberry’s Employment Law Solicitors a specialist employment law practice with offices in Brighton and London Victoria.

1. A good lawyer needs three main skills in my opinion: up to date technical knowledge; excellent communication skills and empathy. The job requires both head and heart. I believe that you can’t be a good lawyer without both. My clients regularly thank me for both the emotional support I offer and for the knowledge I demonstrate in the work I do.

2. Love what you do. If you do you can’t fail. Few people follow their passion but those that do excel. I love what I do and I think it shows.

3. Yoga keeps me sane! Without a regular yoga and meditation practice the stress of modern life and the work I do would drive me loopy. I also love playing with my little girl, her laughter soothes my soul.

4. Sussex is such a vibrant and creative place to work. I love the fact that many of my clients come to me as small start ups and over the years they grow and thrive here. Sussex is still a rebellious and unconventional county, I like that too as I like to live outside the box.


Sara Reynolds - Head of Voice and Choirs, Seaford College, Petworth

Contact: 01798 867456;

Seaford is a co-educational College, it’s a centre of excellence for Music, Sport and The Arts.

1. I’m passionate about my holistic approach to singing - I always teach the whole person, never just the voice. I’m also a perfectionist and thoroughly dedicated to every student, no matter their ability, so encourage them to perform and achieve the highest standards possible for them individually. My ability for spotting true talent and preparing students for success in the music industry, whether they choose the classical or contemporary route, is carefully nurturing, but enormously

determined. My work at the Junior Royal Academy of Music, London also benefits my students as I form tight links between the two where possible.

2. It’s easy to be successful when you love your job. In my mind success isn’t measured in your bank balance, merely in the joy, fun, fulfilment and happiness you are having each day.

3. I’m a keen, if somewhat clumsy, canoeist. I love driving around the countryside looking for new water to play in.

4. I was born in Hong Kong then educated in Sussex. Every single day, I absorb the extraordinarily beautiful, stunning Sussex scenery and this makes me a more positive, happy teacher.