How to join in with the the 30 Days Wild campaign in Yorkshire

Take a close look at the world around you

Take a close look at the world around you - Credit: Matthew Roberts

Hetti Lawrence from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust suggests some ways to get closer to nature during the 30 Days Wild campaign

1. Feel the grass between your toes

Pull off your shoes and socks and remember what the warm grass feels like between your toes.

2. Dine alfresco

Have your morning tea on the patio, eat your lunchtime sandwiches in a local park, and enjoy a glass of wine in the evening air.

3. Sleep under the stars

Make a wild night of it: build a fire and pitch your tent to have a night under the stars.

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4. Create a wild Instagram

Take a wild photo every day for June and watch your Instagram grid come alive with colour and life. Think bright flowers, spring wildlife, ocean views - discover your wild side!

5. Get active in nature

Walk or cycle to work, ditch the gym for a run outdoors and move your weekly pool swim to an invigorating wild dip in the sea.

6. Wildlife ID

Identify a new species every day and soon your new wild knowledge will be giving David Attenborough a run for his money.

7. Green fingers

There's nothing more satisfying than growing your own food. If you're new, start small - herbs, chillies and tomatoes are all great to get you started.

8. Let your garden go wild

We class some of the best plants for bees as weeds, and insects love those dark, dank corners you keep meaning to tidy up. Take a stand for wildlife this June - by doing nothing!

9. Let nature be your canvas

If you're a budding artist, how about creating all your art using natural materials? Let nature be your paints and your canvas!

10. Make a pond

This is one of the best things you can do for wildlife, and it needn't be as challenging as you think. For advice and ideas, go online to

11. Head to the coast

What better place to go to feel truly wild? Peer at puffins at Flamborough cliffs, go rockpooling at the Living Seas Centre or try to spot a harbour porpoise at Scarborough.

12. Not-so-creepy crawlies

Far from annoying pests, insects are actually crucial to the earth's survival and are in dire straits. Lend a much need helping hand by building a bug hotel. For help, go to for a how-to guide.

13. Become a forager

From wild garlic to summer elderflower, it's amazing what you can find to fill your larder. Just remember to leave some behind for wildlife.

14. Follow in their pawprints

Really get into the explorer spirit by reading the wild land - look out for fox tracks in the dirt and birds' nests in the trees. Is that a badger set over there?

15. Go plastic-free

Horrified by how much of your rubbish ends up in nature? Make some swaps this June - invest in a reusable coffee cup and a canvas bag for your shopping to avoid unnecessary waste.

16. Feed the birds

Get to know your feathered friends by installing a simple bird feeder. If you don't have a garden, you can fix it to the side of your house.

17. Pick it up

From joining a beach clean to just picking up litter in your local park, give wildlife a hand by helping to clean up their home. You could even start 'plogging' - that's jogging while litter-picking.

18. Be a wild gift-giver

Help share the wild word by giving wild gifts; packets of seeds, bird feeders or bug hotels, plastic-free beauty products and reusable bottles and bags all make great gifts.

19. Upcycle your garden

An old pair of wellies as plant pots, an old sink as a mini pond, an old pallet as a vertical garden - think reduce, reuse, recycle!

20. Seek out wild spaces

If you don't have your own garden or wild space, seek out your local community garden for some wild inspiration.

21. Try pond dipping

Get up close and personal with your local pond and the strange creatures that dwell within - all you need is a net, an inquisitive attitude and something to hold the creatures you find (be gentle, and be sure to put them back).

22. Campaign for wildlife

Support a local campaign for wildlife, whether that's protecting precious green spaces or restoring damaged habitat. Write to your MP in support of our Wilder Future campaign and be a wildlife ambassador.

23. Forest bathe

Take a tip from the Japanese and try forest bathing, which is simply spending time in a forest to increase your sense of wellbeing. Take a deep breath and bask in the sounds and smells of the forest.

24. Rain or shine

It doesn't matter if the day is grey and gloomy - grab your wellies and raincoat and head out anyway! It's amazing how different the landscape can look, sound and smell in the rain.

25. Five senses

Explore your favourite wild space with a different sense. Listen to the sound of the birds and insects, feel the grass and the rough bark, smell the fresh sea air.

26. Read and learn

Visit your local library or go online to learn all about nature - what it used to be like, what it can do for us, and what it could be like again.

27. Go out after dark

So much of our wildlife wakes up after the sun goes down, so the only way to see them is to do the same. Join a badger watch or a bat walk to meet these secret night-time wanderers.

28. Go hiking

Some of our most wild places can't be accessed by road, so put on your walking boots and go out on foot. Make sure you follow a set route so you don't get lost!

29. Donate to wildlife

Donate to a local appeal, or join a wildlife charity to give regular contributions to help support wildlife. It only costs as much as a cup of coffee per month to become a member of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust!

30. Go wild for 2019

If you're loving your new wild life, why stop now? Pledge to live a wilder year and beyond with the help of Lucy McRobert's book '365 Days Wild'.

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