5 key flooring trends for 2016

modern blue chair with brown pillow on carpet

modern blue chair with brown pillow on carpet - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Are you curious about the latest flooring trends for this year? Well nobody knows more than Simon Brittain from Town and Country carpets in Sale, who has over 30 years of expertise.

Swatches of carpet

Swatches of carpet - Credit: Archant

There’s been a noticeable change in the past few years with more people returning to carpets and rugs, instead of laminate flooring which has been everywhere the past decade or so. Modern interior design points towards muted colours, natural fibres and textures, with splashes of colour introduced via cushions or artwork.

Another key trend is the return to retro styles from the 60s and 70s which are all about bold colours and prints. These are not for the faint-hearted, and really make an impact in your room.

Floor carpet fabric

Floor carpet fabric - Credit: Archant

Here Simon looks at some of the key trends in flooring for this year:


Neutrals will always be in fashion, and will match most colours and furnishings. Gray has become very popular in the past few years as an alternative to beige or taupe.

Antique rugs

Antique rugs - Credit: Archant

Bright bold colours are popular too, especially in high-traffic areas of your home, such as the hallway or stairs. Deeper colours won’t show stains as much as the lighter colours do, and they really stand out and make a statement. Smaller rooms are a great place to experiment with colour.

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Living room with colorful pillows

Living room with colorful pillows - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Textures are a huge trend at the moment, as they give a patterned look to your carpet, but with keeping a single colour throughout. There are lots of different designs and geometric patterns available.

Other textures such as dense pile carpets, oversized loops and natural fibres are also very popular as they give a more luxurious feel. The bedroom is the ideal place for these types of carpet, as you tend to walk on them less often, so they won’t wear or stain so much.


Karndean Flooring

Karndean Flooring - Credit: Archant

When someone mentions patterned floorings, you immediately think back to some ghastly carpet in your grandmother’s house. But retro fashions have become popular again, and there are actually some great designs out there. Plus patterned carpets are great at hiding spills and dirty marks, so grandmother really does know best!

Geometric prints and stripes create a bold effect in your room, or if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle try something with different colours blended into the fibre, or a delicate pattern containing rich complementary colours.


Another idea, if you already have wooden flooring and don’t want to re-carpet the room, is to use rugs. A large one in the centre of the room can really bring all of your furnishings and features together, whilst adding a touch of warmth. Or you can scatter a few different rugs around to create a more relaxed vibe.

Karndean flooring

Karndean is a type of vinyl flooring which is much warmer and softer than using laminate or hardwood flooring, making it more comfortable to walk on.

It comes in a wide range of finishes, from a wood or a tile look, so basically you can design your own floor. No matter what type of effect you want to achieve, there will be something in the Karndean range to suit. Plus you can create the effect of a much more expensive type of flooring, which costs a lot less!

Hardwood flooring

Of course, for classic style and elegance, nothing beats a proper hardwood floor. They are hardwearing, durable, easy to clean, and they will last for years. This type of flooring will never go out of fashion, and you can choose from a range of woods and a range of shades.

Simon has owned Town and Country Carpets for over 20 years. He says:

“We try to do a proper job and be professional with it. I’ve been in the shop for over 20 years, and most of the business comes from word of mouth and recommendations in the local area. Everyone knows I’m here.

It’s all about finding out exactly what the customer wants, and being able to point them in the right direction to find something that matches the style they want, with the price they want. Plus I take care of all the measuring and fitting, which means you don’t have any worry or hassle.”

Town And Country sell a wide range of carpets and rugs, as well as laminate, hardwood and vinyl floor coverings.