5 Tips for Choosing a Punchy Piece of Contemporary Art for Your Home

Barry Hilton - The Approaching Storm

Barry Hilton - The Approaching Storm - Credit: Archant

The landscape of contemporary art can be a tricky one to navigate.

LS Lowry - An Industrial Landscape

LS Lowry - An Industrial Landscape - Credit: Archant

There’s the all important question of taste- what you like (or importantly DON’T like). How much hard earned cash you’re willing to part with, which medium most appeals and then of course- where best to put the darn thing? That’s before you’ve even gotten started with what makes a good investment. How can you ever know if you’re staring at Van Gogh’s Ear?

Hepplestone Fine Art Gallery in Lancashire is an excellent starting point. Winners of the Retail Art Gallery of the Year Award 2016, this father-son family-run business was born in 2005 out of a lifelong passion for and knowledge of contemporary art. Here you can find affordable and collectible original art by some of the best artists in the north of England, and a few from around the world too.

Hepplestone Fine Art

Hepplestone Fine Art - Credit: Archant

Giles and his father Clive love welcoming customers new and old to their beautiful gallery space in Lancashire and don’t mind lending them their expert advice to boot. As well as exhibitions they host regular events and celebrated and influential world artists often pass through their doors.

With so much to think about, here are 5 tips for picking an arresting piece of contemporary art for display in your home.

1. The Artist. At Hepplestone you can find an eclectic mix of work by a range of artists. The connecting factor? They’re all respected, popular and beautiful works, many by artists from the North of England. You might stumble across a fabulous little LS Lowry for example, a whimsical figure in oil by Geoffrey Key or a ‘Rat Pack Meets Picasso’ piece by Todd White. This is no backstreet gallery!

Hepplestone Fine Art - Fine Art Trade Guild Awards

Hepplestone Fine Art - Fine Art Trade Guild Awards - Credit: Archant

2. Where. Many of the pieces on sale at Hepplestone are large and work well in modern, stylish homes and spaces in need of some wow-factor. Picking out a beautiful bronze Frog sculpture by Californian artist Frogman, might be just the thing for a stark empty shelf in need of some oomph, for example. But explore the gallery. With so much beautiful art for sale you can’t fail to find something you love for a room or wall in need.

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3. The Medium. Once you’ve settled on a spot, think about what it is you’d like to see every day. Giles and Clive collect and display a huge variety of media from oil painting to landscape art, figurative art, pastels, and sculptures. Sculpture is an increasingly popular medium, and can make a wonderfully big impact. In September, Hepplestone are hosting renowned Californian sculptor Frogman whose unusual (and highly collectible) bronze frogs will be on sale.

4. Choosing for Investment. Talk to your gallerist. They are true fountains of knowledge and if they’re worth their salt will be happy to offer you their wisdom. Expert gallerists like Giles and Clive at Hepplestone will only take on art and artists they consider beautiful and valuable. Now is certainly a good time to invest in quality original art that sustains its value at a time when stock markets are volatile.

5. Style. When confronted by a range of art to choose from, try not to be intimidated! Ultimately, your instincts are your best guide. What do you like? If you’re a night owl with space for a painting in your study, a sultry figurative painting by Fabian Perez might be just the thing (he paints for the Pope!). A modern piece by an artist like Todd White might better suit those with a more playful modern outlook. Limited edition prints and original paintings by both artists at a range of sizes and prices are available at Hepplestone.

Todd White - Baby Blue

Todd White - Baby Blue - Credit: Archant

Hepplestone Fine Art Gallery is an independent Lancashire gallery based near Chorley that sells and ships art worldwide. On 22nd September they welcome sculptor Frogman from California and will be showcasing a world exclusive bronze sculpture edition of only 75 on the planet. For more information visit http://www.hepplestonefineart.com or call Giles and Clive on 01257451121