Alizonne Therapy


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Weight loss therapy.

What is Alizonne Therapy?


Alizonne Therapy is an extremely successful medically designed and supervised programme which will transform your body size and shape in a remarkable way without any surgery. We describe it as ‘Contour Shaping Weight Reduction’.


What is involved?


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After an initial doctor’s consultation, blood tests and computerised metabolic rate test, you will follow a prescribed diet, plentiful in natural vegetables combined with natural nutritional supplements of proteins, vitamins and minerals. You will attend the clinic for monitoring and for weekly treatments which use modern, non-surgical technology to break down diet resistant fat stores under the skin and to cause the skin to increase in elasticity and tightness during the weight loss.


What kind of results can I expect?


The best way to see results of our actual patients is to look on our website under Case Studies. There you will find over 40 before and after photographs of actual patients we have treated. The results are dramatic and often life-changing. Many stones of weight can easily be lost with this therapy and the body’s shape and contours are dramatically improved.


How successful is this treatment?


This treatment is extremely successful and over 90% of all patients that we treat reach their target weight. We have treated many doctors, dentists, nurses and other health professionals in our clinics as well as people from all walks of life.


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