All I want for Christmas is a well-trained dog

Keeping tabs on the turkey and watching that the wrapped presents don’t go wandering are tasks which

Keeping tabs on the turkey and watching that the wrapped presents don’t go wandering are tasks which have become far too familiar to many dog owners around Christmas time, says founder of BowzerWowzer, Hayley Evans. - Credit: Archant

Is your dog a bit of a tinsel terror? Find out how BowzerWowzers’ specialist canine training advice, courses, toys and original gift ideas can help transform any mischief maker into the perfect pup.

Mariah may have had a few things in mind when she famously sung about her festive desires, but BowzerWowzers believes that a well-behaved dog is never far from the top of the list for dog owners, so is hoping to grant their wish this Christmas. Through a comprehensive array of dog training expertise, boarding services, specialist toys and exclusive gift vouchers, BowzerWowzers hope to help owners cultivate a relationship with their dog which will be cherished long after the festive season has finished.

With the hustle and bustle of celebrations, change of routine and constant stream of visitors, Christmas can be rather stressful for dogs, as well as their owners. With canine charities seeing a spike in rehoming due to behavioural difficulties around this period, it’s clear how crucial it is that owners dedicate some quality time to their dog. Hayley Evans, Certified Dog Trainer and Founder of BowzerWowzers, believes that training is mutually beneficial. She said: “All dogs need physical exercise, mental stimulation and effective communication to flourish and training is a really enjoyable way to satisfy all three. There’s also no better method of strengthening the bond between a dog and owner than the kind of interaction training provides. Helping handlers strike the right balance with their dog and watching their partnership progress is such a satisfying reward.”

Owners needn’t worry, however, if they are short on time this Christmas, as BowzerWowzers’ Board and Train service offers a stress-free solution for owners while they are away. Pooches can be picked up, pampered and professionally trained leaving their owners to enjoy a worry-free break. Full video and phone support on their return helps owners make the most of their newly-trained companion.

Although many people laugh about their pets’ playful antics, most wouldn’t mind their dog being a little more ‘Lassie’ and slightly less of a liability. Keeping tabs on the turkey and watching that the wrapped presents don’t go wandering are tasks which have become far too familiar to many dog owners around Christmas time. Hayley said: “Many owners tolerate what they may consider minor doggy difficulties for a long time, when actually a simple change would make the world of difference. We know that no two dogs are the same and by tailoring our training to meet the individual needs of both animal and owner, we can help overcome any canine conundrum - however big or small. So, whether wanting to improve basic obedience, overcome a serious behavioural problem or just teach your dog to fetch you the T.V. remote, Christmas offers the perfect point in the calendar to make a proactive start for the New Year.”

BowzerWowzers is unique in its approach to canine training and behavioural rehabilitation, offering a variety of tailored courses and boarding services for dogs of all breeds, ages, levels and purpose. The company was founded by dog training expert, Hayley Evans, who is the only certified dog trainer in the UK to graduate from the world renowned Starmark Academy. Hayley works on the basis of an underpinning ethos that all dogs need mental stimulation, physical exercise and effective communication. BowzerWowzers’ training unites pet and owner through theoretical understanding of canine behaviour, extensive practical experience and the latest teaching aids. The company offers a variety of courses, ranging from basic obedience to training for dog sports and specialised canine services such as search and rescue and narcotics detection. They also specialise in behavioural rehabilitation and are a leading provider of exclusive toys and training devices.


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