An Insurance Broker that Works for You


- Credit: Archant

Laurie de Mel, Managing Director of The Insurance Group gives us his take on why you should use a Broker.


- Credit: Archant

Take a moment to think about the types of insurances you have. Whether they’re for your car, home, second property or even your business are you confident that you understand what is and what isn’t covered? Do you know how much your excess is, did you elect to have a voluntary excess? And finally do you know how to make a claim?

As an Insurance Broker our primary function is to sell insurance professionally in a market that has been over simplified by online providers attracting clients based on price.

Insurance can be confusing to the uninitiated whether it’s personal or corporate however most Brokers see it as their role to guide you through the minefield, taking the time to explain your policy to you together with any special exclusions – making sure you fully understand what it is that you are buying. Brokers, like us make up the public face of insurance.


- Credit: Archant

Brokers understand that you, the customer simply want to buy insurance at the cheapest price now but also want the policy to perform when you need to make a claim. Our value to you is our ability to explain and interpret the contract meaning we can establish the best option for you by taking into account the extent of cover, price and the financial security of the insurer.

Brokers have active relationships with Insurers allowing them to constantly review their position, and look at new methods and new approaches to bring the very best value to their customers. We’ve been nurturing ours for in excess of 40 years!

Why choose a Broker?

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-Expert advice. Both Brokers and comparison sites are paid commission by the insurance provider so you don’t have to pay extra, however, the Broker has specialist expertise.

-The Right Product. A comparison site will only provide a solution based on generic questions, however, the Broker will look to establish both your demands and your needs and recommend the right policy for you. You know what you want and the Broker’s job is to marry this with what you need resulting in the best policy for you.

-Claims taken care of. In the event of a claim your Broker is on hand to speak to the insurers or loss adjusters on your behalf. Your Broker will do as much as possible to ensure that the claim is dealt with as quickly and painlessly as possible.