Antiques for Everyone: April 7-10

Prize of Cotswold in a landscape, by J Miles of Northleach

Prize of Cotswold in a landscape, by J Miles of Northleach - Credit: Archant

Famous Cotswold 19th-century artist depicting Cotswold animals comes to Antiques for Everyone Spring Fair at the NEC, Birmingham, April 7-10

Given the Cotswolds close association with agriculture and farming, it is interesting to see the work of John Miles (painting from 1811-1840), a 19th-century artist, famous for his primitive animal paintings, is coming to the Spring Fair. He used to live in Northleach, Gloucestershire, and made his name depicting animals and sporting subjects. Apparently, according to John Stanley from the Blackbrook Gallery, who specialises in his work, the artist used to frequent the coaching inn at Northleach where, the story goes, he used to hole up and get very drunk, no doubt to help his creative inspiration!

The name ‘Cotswold’ is attributed with meaning ‘sheep enclosure in rolling hillsides’, so it is fitting that this charming painter, John Miles, should be one of the most prominent names to come from the Cotswolds. In the words of John Stanley from the Blackbrook Gallery: “He is the perfect artist to come out of the Cotswolds.”

His images of prize-winning or notorious animals are much loved and sought after by collectors far and wide. While his most impressive work, of which he painted several versions, is his ‘Adam naming the bird and beasts’ recently sold for nearly £100,000.

There will be three pictures by John Miles, all of Cotswold subjects, coming to the Spring Fair with the Blackbrook Gallery.