Apprenticeships part and parcel of Gloucester company’s success

Alpha Response (L-R): Alex Preda, John Orchard, Craig Whiting, Ashley Boroughs

Alpha Response (L-R): Alex Preda, John Orchard, Craig Whiting, Ashley Boroughs - Credit: Archant

Direct mail company Alpha Response are celebrating a £200,000 contract win by taking on a new apprentice. Ashley Boroughs, 16, formerly of Beaufort School, joined the Bristol Road company through the National Apprenticeship Scheme.

Ashley Boroughs was selected from a large quantity of applicants for the position of print finishing apprentice due to his hard-working ethos and eagerness to learn.

John Orchard, Marketing Director at Alpha Response said: “We have now been going for ten years and have five full-time members of staff and 25 part-time. We are very proud of our new contract, though we can’t disclose who it is, but they are a very prestigious organisation with very specific needs. They hold a lot of sensitive data about young people and needed a company that had excellent data control and they could trust.

“With the economy picking up, we are seeing more companies returning to direct mail – and so as business has picked up, we decided to reinvest in young people through the apprenticeship scheme. “Not only can we do some of the more complicated personalisation of direct mail that other companies can’t, we can almost certainly save clients money on postage too. We present mail in a way that saves postal services time, and they pass this saving on to us, and we pass it on to clients - that’s the secret to our success.

“We’re doing so well we have taken on another full-time member of staff too - Alex Preda has joined our growing work force in the data processing and digital print areas of business. “He is 35, lives in Gloucester and is also helping us cope with all the new work we are gaining. “If we continue to progress the way we are, we hope to take on even more permanent staff and apprentices in the future.”

Alpha Response has many big name clients, such as Countrywide Farmers, who they have been working with for ten years - a real testament to their customer service. They also work with Weird Fish, the local government, and numerous other companies.