April in At-Bristol... forget the showers prepare to be amazed!

The biggest news of the year, At-Bristol will launch its new �1.5 million exhibition 'All About Us', funded by the Welcome Trust. Discover just how amazing you are in this new family-friendly permanent exhibition.

All About Us – Opening 11 March 2011

The biggest news of the year, At-Bristol will launch its new �1.5 million exhibition ‘All About Us’, funded by the Welcome Trust.  Discover just how amazing you are in this new family-friendly permanent exhibition.

 Visitors will be spoilt with over 50 new hands-on science exhibits, including real body parts, allowing you to test human phenomena and engage in real science.  Visitors will be able to investigate how their brain and bodies work together and how we relate to people and the world around us.  New exhibits will include:

Sound Bite: Play music through your headbones... bite down on a straw placed over a metal rod, connected to an iPod, place your fingers in your ears and suddenly you can hear music through the vibrations of the bones in your jaw! Amazing!

Vein Viewer: See the real veins in your own hands under infrared light

Digestive Run: Feed the skeleton and watch how nutrients pass through our bodies

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Startle: Capture your startled face on camera and e-mail your pictures home to friends

Exercise: Discover how much energy it requires to burn certain foods, including sweets, bananas, crisps and a Brussels sprout!

High Speed Camera: Jump as high as you can, get captured on a high speed camera and review the movement in your legs as you prepare to jump and land


Look Closer:  Take a closer look at yourself with a magnified lens.  What do the hairs on your arms look like close up and what lies beneath your finger nails?

Live Lab: Go back to school with the new Live Lab area! You will get the chance to watch and take part in real live experiments including dissections and DNA extraction. Then continue the learning process with the hands-on table top activities including finger printing  

Build-a-bunny workshops

15 – 19 April

11.00, 12.30, 14.30, 16.00

Build yourself an Aardman-style clay rabbit to take home win a workshop with the At-Bristol team. Then bring a carrot or a chocolate egg from home to animate with the bunny afterwards in our Animate it! exhibition.

�1 per visitor



Bang and Boom show

Running from 27 November. Usually 12.30 and 3.30 weekends and holidays

Expect bangs and blasts, flames and fizzes a plenty as At-Bristol explores the wonders of chemistry with the Bang and Boom show. How do you make nylon? What burns on water? All these questions and more will be answered – it is sure to be explosive fun! Watch out for the special ‘slimetastic ending’!


Feel the force!

Running from 24 November

Explore forces and friction with our new hands-on activities with the Live Science team. Investigate the power of forces - learn how to make milk fireworks, balloon kebabs and even try your hand at friction tug-of-war; feel the G’s!


11.30am Weekends and holidays

Are you sitting comfortably? Then get swept in a story with At-Bristol. Let the Live Science team take you on an imaginative adventure, filled with sounds and actions - perfect for engaging little ears!

Planetarium shows:

Spring night sky

Running daily until 20 June

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Spring night sky as you are led on a magical tour around the Universe. Discover super stars and amazing constellations and then put your new star-spotting skills to the test in your own back gardens this Spring.

Little Stars

Running weekends 2pm

All tiny explorers welcome for our ‘Little Stars’ trip to the stars, come get star struck with At-Bristol specially designed under 5’s Planetarium show Little Stars. Join us on a colourful, musical journey making new friends along the way!