Are you afraid of someone?

Jane Monckton-Smith

Jane Monckton-Smith - Credit: Archant

None of us know what goes on behind closed doors, but Dr Jane Monckton-Smith is putting the causes and consequences of living in fear into the spotlight.

The criminologist, lecturer and author is drawing from her work in domestic homicide for the latest in a series of free public lectures at the University of Gloucestershire on May 25.

As well as working with stalking and homicide charities, the former police officer has now joined politicians, fellow academics, victims and campaigners to call for better protection of victims of stalking.

On April 26 Dr Monckton-Smith travelled to London with Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk and Gloucester MP Richard Graham to take the case for longer sentences for stalking to Parliament.

And at ‘Are you afraid of someone? Understanding coercive control, stalking and homicide’ on May 25, she’ll be exploring why this matters and when we should be concerned about someone’s behaviour.

“I’ll be using case studies to explore some of the most common danger signs which can be seen but very often go under the radar,” said Dr Monckton-Smith, a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the university.

“The new coercive control legislation reflects how important some of the most damaging and dangerous behaviours in intimate relationships can be in assessing potential risk.”

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Dr Monckton-Smith has written numerous books on areas including homicide and forensic investigation. She also advises police at a local and national level, and chairs Domestic Homicide and Mental Health Reviews and Inquiries.

And she believes domestic violence and controlling behaviour is something everyone should be aware of.

“This is a subject and a talk which is relevant for everyone, because coercive behaviour knows no boundaries of age, class, sexual orientation, health status, ethnicity or gender.”

The public lecture takes place from 6pm until 7pm at the University of Gloucestershire’s Park Campus, with refreshments from 5pm. Tickets are free but must be booked in advance. You can book your place here