Art exhibition in Chalford extended for two weeks by popular demand

Moon of Alabama by Lynn Chadwick

Moon of Alabama by Lynn Chadwick - Credit: Archant

Gallery Pangolin in Chalford specialises in sculpture and related drawings and prints. They have extended their current exhibition up to April 17

Away From The Flock by Damien Hirst

Away From The Flock by Damien Hirst - Credit: Archant

Sculptors regularly shown at the gallery include Anthony Abrahams, Ralph Brown, Jon Buck, Lynn Chadwick, Ann Christopher, Michael Cooper, Terence Coventry, Anita Mandl, Charlotte Mayer, Peter Randall-Page and William Tucker.

Man Releasing Bird by Terence Coventry

Man Releasing Bird by Terence Coventry - Credit: Archant

Rainbird by Jon Buck

Rainbird by Jon Buck - Credit: Archant

The initial inspiration for the gallery was the need for a showcase of the excellent sculptures cast at Pangolin Editions. This lead to a coincidental revival of the 19th century tradition of an association between art foundry and gallery.

Cicero by Anthony Grahams

Cicero by Anthony Grahams - Credit: Archant

The gallery embrace a wide range of activities including major one-man shows, publications and collaborations with other galleries and museums. They also co-ordinate public commissions, curate exhibitions and act as artists’ agents.

The current exhibition, Sculptor’s Prints and Drawings 2014, opened on February 24 and has been extended to April 17.

Gallery opening hours: 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday, 10am - 1pm Saturday

Gallery Pangolin, 9 Chalford Ind. Estate, Chalford, Gloucestershire, GL6 8NT

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Telephone:01453 889765 / / Fax:01453 889762

Please drive slowly up to the security barrier and it will open. The gallery is closed for rehanging for at least a week before each new exhibition. Please check before setting out on a long journey.